In cases of excessive stress or when you are prone to psychological distress, may arise the feeling of immediate danger with a consequent psychological and physical reaction . Symptoms vary, according to the various individuals and the degree of illness of which I have mentioned, although usually start with the perception of a ‘breathless breathing or suffocation, with trembling, with tingling in all parts of the body and with the acceleration heart failure. I’m talking about the terrible panic attack that needs to be understood to manage it in the best way and drawing up this guide will explain how to intervene.


Often, along with everything superscripts, there was a bad sweating accompanied with dizziness which, fortunately, spend a few minutes later, though lengthy, and particularly disastrous because it seems that everything is going to end, on account of their lives. It ‘good to understand the causes in order to prevent the whole thing, because we know that prevent any illness or discomfort is the intervention most logical and fair.

Do not wade age and sex, in fact, at least one person out of three, roughly, suffer or have suffered from this that you are arguing. Becomes a serious problem that leads to life and the limits to its well-being of those who have lived, because, out of fear, does not attend or developing situations that previously were accompanied by a variety of ailments that I have superscripts.

You live with the premonition of faint or die and we behave as if something serious was going on, taking behaviors, often illogical and dangerous The first advice to give is to not think, absolutely, to the birth of all the sensations described, because you will only create a vicious circle difficult to manage, most of the pathology.

It ‘important to consider cognitive behavioral therapy, which becomes, in these cases, the most effective cure to solve the dilemma in question. It ‘an intervention that acts on the mental and physical, of course, over time, brings great benefits. Do not ever think that they can never get out of this unpleasant situation that you can solve, if you take the whole thing seriously without being skeptical, briefly.

And ‘need to identify their thoughts and their evolution in order to understand the state of anxiety and its desensitization, exposing their everyday uncomfortable. The optimal solution is to be able to understand themselves to be masters of their own “self.” When you have the impression to suffocate or die is because they conceive their daily chores as if they were harmful.

It ‘good to understand the opposite of these beliefs in order to contain all that I am explaining. There is panic-therapy that, thanks trained personnel in the industry, generates custom paths to regain all the confidence that the patient needs to turn his bad lived in one wonderful, as we all have the right to have.