A percentage of about 95% of people suffer from headaches frequently, and it is women who suffer more from this problem.

This condition is known as headache, which attacks suddenly and for various reasons, in some cases becomes so strong that it causes paralysis in a person. Simple is usually attack, but if it is persistent and not treated in time can lead to serious problems. Are varied reasons why you suffer from a headache, better known as headache , but it is certain that this condition is a clear sign that something is wrong in our body. It is often possible to solve this problem with an analgesic, but there are cases where it is prudent to see a doctor skilled in the art. In this respect they argue that every patient has different symptoms when suffering a headache, and that these may be pressure on the muscles, stiff neck, sleep too much and ringing in ears. Other factors that may be considered as signs of the disease are the lack of mobility in some limbs and vision forced.


The headache may be caused by various reasons, ranging from vascular ( migraine ), hormonal, stress caused by tension, effects on the vision and in cases where the issue becomes more severe will talk about brain tumors. Usually to alleviate this suffering just take some pain reliever, but if the problem persists you need to follow a treatment based on the following:


1. Type of pain experienced.
2. In which part of the head is the pain.
3. Approximate duration of the disease.
4. Age of the headache sufferer.
5. Knowing what kind of stress being put on the affected and in what quantity.

Providing answers to these questions will reveal exactly the explanation and the kind of problem you have, so this way the patient can bring an effective treatment combined with MRI, CT, magnetic resonance angiography and general examinations. Headache can be classified into two types:

Primary: is considered a minor problem since only a small annoyance, migraine, muscle contraction and tension, neck and shoulders (TTH), others caused by the flu, temperature or syndrome premenstrual.

The second: classification of headache is caused by other deficiencies in the central nervous system tumors, vascular problems or disorders of cerebral blood flow, blood pressure, poor vision, sinus problems or intestinal parasites.

What to do?

Experts say to reduce the frequently of headaches, it has the possibility of taking any pain reliever prior prescription needed, such as paracetamol. In addition, muscle massage can become a good choice for the effective reduction of headache. Lower levels of stress to which the subject is concerned is a fundamental part of that prevention, this coupled with exercise routines that can be combined with some techniques of meditation and reading habits. The main thing is to maintain a proper diet and enough sleep for the rest hit the body. Some other factors like the case of smoking and alcoholism are also the core at the onset of headache, so it is prudent to avoid such habits greatly affect the body.