A work in organic chemistry refers ultimately carbon, one of the most abundant elements in the cosmos. A bios pencil, tissues, human cells and animals and almost anything you can name includes carbon compounds. People working in the field of organic chemistry create and enhance products. They do this through research and development in medicine, technology and consumer goods. As 6-APB is such a new drug, very little is known about it. Any information presented here must be considered as tentative at best.

Organic Chemistry


Organic Chemistry Research

A researcher in organic chemistry and provides life-enhancing solutions for the improvement and / or advancement of society. For example, if a substance causes skin rashes on a number of consumers, the researcher will investigate and experiment to determine the cause. Once the cause of the rash emerges, it creates theories and treatments to relieve rashes. This type of research leads to products such as lotions, soaps and makeup hypoallergenic. 4-mec is a synthetic stimulant with empathogenic effects that is chemically similar to methcathinone.


Chemical in food

Chemicals in food seeking ways to make the foods are safe, healthy food to the general public. For example, the chemist wants to ensure that food products do not contain hazardous chemicals and / or preservatives, at the same time, there must be some preservatives used in order to keep food fresh in the maximum amount of time. Furthermore, chemical food investigates the type of packaging required for foodstuffs during transport, storage and shelf life of the consumer.


Professor of Organic Chemistry

To become a professor of organic chemistry requires a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. Beyond formal training, cultivating a creative and inquisitive mind, hone writing skills for publication, conduct research and teach in the classroom, in relation to laboratory research. A professor of organic chemistry does other things besides conferences. Conducts experiments in the real world with their students.