Paying more attention to oral health is not a matter of little importance. Risk of caries and other dental pathologies details a specialist.

Proper oral hygiene at an early age will allow all reach maturity with strong healthy teeth and a smile to show and a health system that will pave the way to successful longevity, said a Cuban specialist Suite101 Dentistry, Miroslava Alba. Like the rest of our body systems, oral cavity and its functions must be in balance, because health means that are integrated as a whole needs hygienic, nutritional, emotional, social and cultural.

Factors for a comprehensive health

The ideal time to go to a consultation with the dentist is when the patient is healthy dentally speaking. And it fits our interviewee. “It’s the only way that the professional in charge and keeps it detects anything that might jeopardize your Dental Services Hawthorne, NJ. Proper food and proper brushing are two key factors in achieving our goal, which is also involved in outreach work to inculcate better oral hygiene, changing erroneous behavior and consolidate individual responsibility.


Diseases linked to poor oral health

Cavities, gum ailments in the malocclusion, oral cancer, the most common complications are cited by Dr. Miroslava and that relates to the neglect of our hygiene, diets rich in carbohydrates and sugars to faulty seals and the appearance of the plaque. Other issues that directly or indirectly to the development of oral disease are related to certain life styles. Smoking, alcoholism, prolonged sun exposure, ingestion of spicy foods, sucking fingers and mouth breathing are among them.

Other conditions involved in the deterioration of oral health and vice versa

Children with low birth weight are at increased risk of abnormal tooth enamel and oral infections by Streptococcus mutants, referred to specialist dentistry to emphasize the subject. The radiation of chemotherapy , frequent doses of certain drugs diuretics and anti hypertensive, gastrointestinal disorders and pregnancy cause greater development and progression of caries, which implies a more stringent monitoring and care.