Online pharmacies entice consumers to buy needed goods cheaper internet. DISQ put on 21 June, a study on price and service

The privately structured market research institute German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) conducted on behalf of the news channel n-tv through a study of mail-order pharmacies, their prices and their quality of service. With the statement of a cheaper and better deal in the online pharmacies will deter the consumer from the traditional path and move to the pharmacy to order on the internet and so change their consumer behavior and purchasing behavior. The conclusion: There are big differences in prices of the 21 rated online pharmacies and often only moderate service. And: Known online pharmacies landed in the test sometimes on the rear seats.

The basis for the online pharmacy study

DISQ is a market research company based in Hamburg, performing analyzes on behalf of various media for competition in different sectors. to ensure more transparency among providers for the consumer. DISQ is totally dedicated to various sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, hardware stores, restaurants, star hotel industry, telecommunications providers, leisure, tourism, video stores, moving companies or internet shops. The current study of online pharmacies has 2013 DISQ content and security of the website, prices and shipping costs compared to that of March to May and conducted user testing including telephone and e-mail consultation in the service area. The study were subjected to 21 mail-order pharmacies.


The study on online pharmacies

Earlier, the consumer always went to his pharmacy, regardless of whether he had a headache, a cold if threatened or if he wanted to redeem the prescription for the medication prescribed by the doctor. The competition for the local pharmacy is by offering online pharmacies huge and barely manageable for the consumer. More important for him is to know which provider actually has a beneficial pricing and whether has selected the right provider in service and shipping costs.

To the price differences at online pharmacies

It is worthwhile for the consumer always perform a comparison, even if has come to be with him, perhaps out of habit, the order with a particular merchant shipping. The study of the underlying basket resulted in 21 pharmacies shipping a price difference of 22 percent. However, the lowest bidder was in service at last.

To the shipping costs, website and services for online pharmacies

The study confirms almost all merchants that they work fast and reliable. First order but had to take some high shipping costs on themselves. Problems are often the return because of mail-order companies are either in the delivery of goods no information on how the return is to handle or there is no return form with. Only about a quarter of the deliveries contained return forms.