What should I look for when buying an office chair? What settings are recommended especially for back pain?

In many professions, people spend up to 8 hours a day sitting in her office chair. If the chair is not adjusted properly or is it a bad model, back pain is often the result. At worst, it is even a herniated disc or other back problems. When buying an office chair you should pay attention to some things better and invest a little more. Finally, the employer should also be prepared for the benefit of employees spend a little more for it. But which chair is really good for back pain? How to set him perfectly?

The right office chair for back pain

Especially if you suffer from back pain, but also preventive, should look for when buying make sure that the office chair has different settings. Following features, the chair should have:

* The chair should be adjustable in height. The seat should be mounted on a spring, of course.
* The backrest should have an adjustable lumbar support. This is especially recommended for people who have lower back pain or have had a herniated disc.
* The backrest should be up to shoulder to make you look in between also can lean completely. Of course, the back rest to also include a plurality of stages can be tilted forwards and backwards.
* The seat should not be too soft ( Executive chairs are often not appropriate) but also not too hard. An ergonomically shaped seat is not always recommended, since it must also fit for your body shape. Here, the only test sit. Make but definitely the fact that the seat in the angle of inclination is adjustable.
* Armrests are essential for an office chair, if it is intended for prolonged use.
* The entire chair should of course be rotated, so that the upper body during the work need not be rotated. Especially with back pain should rotational movements of the spine are largely avoided. More tips can be found here .


How to adjust your office chair for back pain correctly

If you have acute back pain, the result for the setting of the office chair, a small advantage. Because most of you sense immediately what position does the back well and what aggravates the pain. Ideally, place the chair so that the pain goes away. You should also consider the following points:

* Ask. Your feet firmly on the ground and choose the height of your chair so that your legs form a 90 ° angle At the same time you should be able to use the keyboard and mouse comfortably with the arms are on the maximum height of the armrests. The arms make it ideally also a 90 ° angle. In general, it is necessary also to the desk height adjustable, for most people, it must be made deeper.
* Adjust the seat back if not fixed, so that you can bounce while sitting back and forth. The movement is good and helps to avoid back pain. For acute back pain, it may also already be helpful to determine the seat back in an upright, vertical position. Here, the only try!
* For acute pain in the lower spine, it is usually considered to be pleasant to tilt the seat forward quite easily. This depends on the pool and sitting straight. Try this position but do not overdo it either, because unnatural postures are avoided.