Researchers found that consumption of walnuts and their oil, plus benefit in lowering cholesterol, can treat cardiac pathologies.

A study by two University of Pennsylvania and Tufts University , concluded that the nut and its oil have additional benefits for heart health, in addition to its known role in reducing bad cholesterol. The research was released by Pennsylvania State University on May 8.

The study on the nut and its benefits to the heart

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Penny Kris-Ether ton, highlighted knowledge of the nut as part of a healthy diet and cholesterol lowering. But it was not known which component of the nut had that function, but “now understand ways in which whole nuts and oil components can improve heart health.” Kris-Ether ton said.

The investigators provided to consume 15 participants with elevated blood cholesterol one of the following four treatments: 85 grams of whole nuts, skin 6 grams of nuts, 34 grams of nutmeat defalcated (made from food proteins with the edible part of the nut and butter, to replace meat) or 51 grams of walnut oil. They assessed the biochemical and physiological responses of the participants before treatments were administered and 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, four hours and six hours after dosing. The researchers repeated this process for each of the three remaining treatments.


Research results nuts cholesterol and heart disease

The results showed that consumption of walnut oil, at one time, acted favorably vascular health. In addition, consumption of whole walnuts helped to HDL – the good cholesterol – to perform with greater efficiency in the transport and removal of excess cholesterol from the body. In this Claire Berryman, another study participants, said: ” Our study showed that the oil that is found in nuts can maintain blood vessel function after a meal, which is very important as the integrity of blood vessels is often compromised in individuals with cardiovascular disease r “and added. ” nut oil proved to be particularly good at preserving the function of endothelial cells, which play an important role in cardiovascular health. “

Nuts ingredients and their role in therapeutic diets

The implications of this finding could mean better dietary strategies to combat heart disease , “said Berryman, but noted that research on cholesterol and cardiovascular disease in relation to nut consumption is relatively new, so it worth further studies. The Kris-Ether ton conclusion was that ” Our study indicates that simple dietary changes such as the addition of nuts and / or oil in a healthy diet for the heart, may reduce the risk of heart disease.