Despite being in phase and have been made in only three patients, a new therapy to cure lymphatic leukemia achieved almost entirely.

Did not show many good news about successful treatments for cancer. The groundbreaking new discovery that has baffled the scientific society is based on a therapy for leukemia. With a twist, an inactive form of HIV (AIDS virus) has proven to be one of the causes of the improvement.


Lymphocytic leukemia cure

Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania, United States, attacked the call chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)The blood disease more common. The chemotherapy and radiation can control the LLC for a few years, but the only known cure (so far) would come from a bone marrow transplant. This painful and risky operation requires a compatible donor and only works 100% in half the time, leaving other cases a life full of pain and infections for those with the disease. Although the goal of the scientists was this specific type of cancer, they also want to test the system in pancreatic and ovarian.

AIDS cancer

In the recent experiment, researchers inserted in all three patients a modified and safe from the AIDS virus in the blood that attack the disease (so-called T cells). Some similar experiments were carried out prior to other types of cancer, but the cells died immediately attempt to kill cancer cells.

Success has come to light in the last week. The modified white blood cells grow outside the body and then re-enter the patient allowed the surprising result came. Cells “defenders” are multiplying in thousands, becoming “serial murderers”(As Dr. Carl June said on NBC) and killing harmful components that were in the blood.

The positive reaction in the bodies of three men could be one of the most significant advances in recent decades, especially if one considers that only one injection was enough to notice the excellent results. The treatment caused the disappearance of two of the patients the most common form of leukemia, and reduced by 70% in the third case.

Healing process of the new therapy for leukemia

The side effects caused by two weeks misled investigators, and at first thought that the nausea, fever and pains of people they could be signs of improvement, but nothing is further from the truth: they were healing. There is a drawback of the process that has been done. It seems that the modified cells also attack others that help prevent infections in the body. So far, the three men are treated every month to deal with this problem.

A study of low funding

Interestingly, both the National Cancer Institute American as different pharmaceutical companies initially refused to pay for the research, as novel and considered too risky. Only money Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy helped fund the work. No doubt that the advance publication in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine and Science Translational Medicine attract more organizations and the entire scientific community interested in trying the treatment, but not in three hundred patients.