From Indian to balance workout Yogalates, Pilardio, Anti Gravity Yoga there are new trends in the classical Pilates or yoga.

Who yoga or Pilates already knows and wants to try something new is, perhaps find something in the further development of the originals. The endurance training in both yoga and Pilates classes were usually too short, is integrated by the new workouts in the sense of wholeness. Who is more connected to the culture of the North American Indians feel as with Far Eastern culture is, perhaps to favor Indian Balance workout, reminiscent still pretty much of yoga techniques.

Indian Balance Workout

“Move the body, while the soul rests” with the motto aims of this Body & Mind Workout aims to bring mind and body into harmony. The training program, which was founded by sports therapist combines Christian of May, the Indian science of energy flow of the body with modern movements. Gentle and flowing movements alternate with muscle contractions. Simultaneously with a conscious breathing the usual problem areas such as the abdomen, legs, back and buttocks are trained. Moves will learn sounds of Indian music with the goal, the body’s natural feel. Indian Balance workout reminiscent in many movements of Hatha Yoga.



Yogalates is a workout that seeks to combine the best of yoga and Pilates. The relaxation comes from the Hatha yoga and exercises to strengthen the muscles mostly from Pilates. The result was an entirely new fitness program that is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Cardio Pilates

While the classic Pilates aims to strengthen and stretch the muscles, it comes with cardioid Pilates also about boosting fat burning and to endurance training. By sweeping movements fuller the cardiovascular system is more excited, making a holistic workout results. The basic form of Pilates should already be mastered, since otherwise an increased risk of injury.

Anti gravity Yoga – translated: Anti gravity Yoga

Who classical yoga is boring already, the place might be fun to Anti Gravity Yoga. It is hung with the body in the back or buttocks area in a hammock or a cloth from the ceiling. Then head over to fight against gravity. Christopher Harrison, the inventor of this acrobatic-looking technology, says that you can relax better by Anti gravity Yoga and at the same time, without the usual stress on joints during workouts can train all muscle groups. Particularly for tension in the shoulder and neck area, the technique was appropriate in his opinion. A bit of courage, however, belongs already to hang upside down on the floor.

Workout and Yoga

It represents a blend of workout and yoga. The training is for both beginners and advanced students of all ages and groups, because the body is supported on the exercises as needed with tools such as belts, mats or cushions. The aim of this training is to strengthen the muscles and thereby achieve an attitude improvement.