Not today but sure tomorrow I start slowly leave my father smoked since childhood and is still alive. Yes, they are the same old excuses and while you think that cigarette you just consume do not do anything you should know that only some 50 000 people die each year because of this harmful habit, or 4166 people every month 138 people every day, two people every hour. Not be you next. Here are a few reasons to succeed.


So is. The snuff can increase the risk of lung cancer 22 times more likely. But that’s not all, cancers of the mouth, throat skin, nose, colon, penis, kidney, stomach, among others, all of them are related to this addiction. In addition, you should know that carries harmful outcomes for heart health.

Our lungs suffer

Bronchitis, emphysema, lung infection, all these diseases are strongly associated with smoking, and in many cases are diseases that keep an irreversible character. On the other hand, if you are someone who smokes but not inhale smoke you should know that you are still at risk for an injury known as oral.

Goodbye to the senses

Regular consumption of snuff can affect your hearing, due to the formation of plaques in the blood vessels of the inner ear. Similarly, you miss your smell, your taste the taste buds atrophy and even vision because of macular degeneration of the retina is much higher, and therefore more likely to suffer from blindness.

Other complications

If you think that’s all that smoking can do to your body expects you to know that this habit may make you feel tooth decay, reduced salivary flow, heart disease, gastric ulcers (the body loses resistance against bacteria) and osteoporosis carbon monoxide adheres blood faster than oxygen itself, so that bones deteriorate more easily.

It affects your productivity and your life

If you like keeping fit and practical exercises frequently, you should know that smoking cannot be part of your quality of life for your respiratory and cardiovascular system needs to be developed and optimized for performing physical activities. If you smoke then you suffer major complications.

It damages your body image

Even if you cannot feel it the snuff itself brings bad, smell of your hands your clothes your breath, and even your hair. Moreover, recent research has confirmed that snuff can accelerate hair loss, not to mention the wrinkles that appear on the skin prematurely and the yellowing so repulsive that takes place in your fingers and nails.

You put in danger yours

Passive smokers are those people around you who are in constant exposure to smoke your cigarette. They can be your mother or your father your spouse and even your child. Also, you should know that snuff can affect the health of your sperm which not only involved in your fertility but can lead to birth defects for your future children.