Negative effects of alcohol many of us like to take a drink, or more, from time to time. We also love the straws and bottle, according to sociological research it is preferred by a significant percent of the youth of our country entertainment. However, consumption of alcohol although we all know that excess is highly damaging to health it is something we always have to try to stay below. The less we take will be better and our body greatly appreciate it. Affectations best known are afflicting the liver but these are spread throughout the body and most of our organs.


On the liver

As mentioned, to get to know the negative effects of alcohol begin by having the liver. In this body, frequent alcohol consumption causes a progressive accumulation of fat, which in medical jargon is known as fatty liver. While this fat can be removed with effort, dietary changes and specific treatments, their occurrence affects liver function and can lead to serious damage to the body.

Similarly, alcohol can irritate the liver cells and produce the so-called alcoholic hepatitis. In this scenario consumption persist negative substance, said cells can become inflamed and destroyed thus causing the appearance of cirrhosis. Other adverse effects on the liver and derivations thereof are malnutrition jaundice, condition causing the skin to turn yellow, and edema or fluid accumulation in the extremities.


In this small but important organ, alcohol may influence the development of acute and chronic, can lead to death pancreatitis. Its influence on the pancreas also favors the emergence of other major diseases such as diabetes and peritonitis.


Alcohol has several negative effects on the stomach. The most extreme is cancer of that body, but can also cause esophagi is, irritation of the stomach lining, peptic ulcer and bleeding.


In the irreversible brain damage and immediate hardly drink alcohol produced. One reason that many pesos to take the wise decision to be abstinent for life. And the substance of yore irreparably damage major organ cells, and alters the form and function of brain neurotransmitters.

Autoimmune system

Alcohol consumption decreases the number of white blood cells causing autoimmune system failures thus increasing the chances of infection, whether viral or bacterial. Also, some men may develop impotence or become infertile while women may experience menstrual and hormonal disorders besides also be infertile. In short, the negative effects of alcohol should be something to always keep in mind never forgets that drink little or too much is like playing with fire.