Allergy benefit of neem products such as the neem spray. It helps to dust mites inside the vacuum cleaner, carpet or bed.

Allergy responding to the droppings of dust mites, there have not been easy. In everyday life it is not easy to make the allergy triggers identify and banish from their own environment. Whether in the vacuum cleaner in the mattress or in the carpet – mites are our constant companions, they live almost anywhere. Anyone who is allergic to the feces of the mites, various measures must be taken to reduce dust mites in the house at least. In addition to a vacuum with allergen filter to include various measures such as the freezing of soft toys and bedding. But the Naturopathy has something to offer for house dust mite allergy. The oil of the neem seeds mites effectively combated. Neem spray (English Neem) is a good way to keep the little critters at bay.

Neem spray for mites

Neem spray or neem spray is a product that is extracted from the seeds of the neem tree. It helps not only against the pests of plants, but also against mites. The natural product is completely harmless to humans and also inexpensive. It’s best to buy it ready-made, which may also be brewed from the seeds similar to a tea. But the self-manufactured products containing residues of oils and dyes that can sometimes leave stains on upholstered furniture and bedding. Neem spray, for example, once given out as needed or on a regular basis during the week on the mattress, bedding and carpeting. Even the vacuum cleaner filter should be sprayed with it. Bed linen and other textiles are usually treated by washing with the neem spray. It can affect the whole thing for a while before you rinse deflects the textiles or carpets sucks. This ensures that the dead dust mites are removed.


How does Neem dust mites?

The neem spray works in different ways against the mites. Firstly, the smell keeps away mites. On the other neem ensures that the animals cease to multiply. Over time, the populations die out so easily. It takes about four weeks, until an old mattress dust mites are no longer detectable.

Please note: As the feces of the mites is the actual allergy triggers, it’s no use, the animals only eradicate. It is important that the dead mites are also removed. This happens in mattresses and carpets by thorough vacuuming, with textiles and bedding by washing or shaking out.

A disadvantage is the smell of the product

Even if the natural resources Niem really helps outstanding against mites, but it has one major drawback. The pure natural product has a more or less stringent odor, like onion skins. This of course flies, but it can be perceived as disturbing. Something pleasant it is when you mix the neem spray a few drops of lavender oil or lemon oil.