The immune system, constantly protect our body from attack by bacteria and viruses. Often in winter season or if we are weak, these defenses may weaken and we can be more at risk of contracting diseases, colds, fever etc… Not to be exposed to diseases or infections is therefore important to fortify the immune system and make a kind of protective shield. In this guide we will see how to stimulate natural immunity through simple and useful advice.

What you can do to drastically lower the immune system and expose our body to attack by viruses and bacteria may be due to several factors. Unhealthy diets, the stress , anxiety, changes in temperature and excessive use of antibiotics can make you feel weak and weaken our bodies. How to remedy this?

immune system

To restore the most of the immune system the first thing to do is to have a proper diet rich in vitamins . We must follow a healthy, balanced and low in saturated fat . Some of the foods essential to strengthen the immune system are: fruit (mainly citrus fruits rich in vitamin C), dried fruit (because it contains large amounts of vitamin E and reduces infections of the respiratory tract), seasonal vegetables (full of iron and vitamins ).

Addition to fruits, there are other foods rich in several other vitamins, fundamental garlic and carrots are two of these. Garlic is a natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and prevents diseases, cardiac thanks to the content of Ellison. Carrots however, due to beta-carotene, stimulate the development of the immune system and strengthen it. In addition to these foods, including sweet potatoes, milk (probiotics) and salmon (omega 3) strengthen the immune system protects the body from bacteria and diseases of all kinds .

In addition to fruits and vegetables , in recent studies it seems that some plants are able to boost the immune system. (plant native to Siberia), for example, reduces stress, relaxes and consequently strengthens the body. Even the roots of ginseng, appear to be effective as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Of course, in addition to healthy foods, you will have to avoid high stress, life too sedentary, smoking, and the need to rest just hours during the day.