In rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive wear of the cartilage that cushions our joints, is the most common. To get an idea, seven million people suffer from this condition, with three-quarters female. Although it is commonly associated with old age, arthritis can attack our bodies at earlier stages, which is why we need to know the most effective treatments to relieve or delay its development. Here are some natural remedies infallible. Know them.

Natural treatments for osteoarthritis

Temperature contrast

The combination of cold and heat can be a very effective remedy for arthritis. Use a cold compress gel and review the affected joints for fifteen to twenty minutes. Subsequently, heat the napkin itself and repeats the procedure for ten or fifteen minutes. This will allow you not only reduce inflammation of this disease itself, but also alleviate the annoying pain.

Make exercises

The practice of physical activity is synonymous with good health, but in the case of osteoarthritis, this practice will allow us to strengthen our muscular system, protect the joints and promote our own autonomy. Some activities such as yoga, cycling, swimming, and even simple stretching exercises are excellent to achieve greater well-being. At the same time, we are fighting overweight, a quality that can affect our tissues and joints.

Watch your postural hygiene

In our day, we are rarely aware of the importance of taking a correct position. Try sleeping on a flat mattress and no crevices, and likewise, avoid sit on sofas and chairs with dents without adequate support. The most important thing here is that our knees and hips always maintain a natural and comfortable position.

Beware overloading joints

While we talked about the harmful effects of obesity and sedentary lifestyle, the fact remains that the relative rest is also necessary if we suffer from osteoarthritis, especially during periods of intense pain. At the same time, it is essential not to overload the joints too much during our daily activities. For example, use a cart for shopping, eases the burden of the body by a cane and avoid walking on uneven ground.

Footwear is important

If we consider that our feet and lower limbs are responsible for cushioning the impact of the ground when walking, it is not difficult to realize that the use of proper footwear is a basic issue to ease the pain of osteoarthritis. Thick-soled shoes are ideal for these cases while with high-heeled shoes should be avoided at all costs.

Food in osteoarthritis

It is imperative to advocate for foods that contain plenty of calcium and products such as gelatin, essential for cartilage in the body. At the same time the recommendation also includes the consumption of green leafy vegetables cucumber, celery, carrot, cabbage, etc. and fruit kiwi, grapefruit, strawberries, etc. rich in antioxidants and vitamins beneficial for bone health of our body. As for whole grains and milk preferably vegetable these foods also provide energy and essential trace elements.

Green Medicine

In this section, we highlight the exquisite properties of horsetail, whose silicon content makes this virtually irreplaceable in treatments for osteoarthritis plant. Similarly, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which can benefit while the comfort we pain in a surprising way. Finally, nettle is a medicinal herb as effective for rheumatic pain uses it in your daily baths like turmeric.