Caring for your hair naturally with food and home remedies to beautify, enhance and where possible avoid dandruff and hair loss.

Hair is called long, flexible hairs covering the scalp, and as the person blonde, brunette or redhead, there are between 100,000 and 150,000. The hair measured at birth about 15 millimeters, and grow about 1.5 inches a month. The average life of the hair is about six years. Being a continuous cycle, daily thirty we like hair. The most adequate to maintain a Healthy Hair is to lead a rich and varied diet which includes many proteins and vitamins, the lack of these is a major cause of the fall and damage the hair.


Basic care for beautiful hair

If you want to keep in good condition hair, requires some care:

¤ Eat a healthy balanced diet, rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, silicon, iron, protein and healthy fatty acids.
¤ Hair should be brushed with a natural bristle brush to remove dust and dirt.
¤ You have to wet the hair with warm water before applying Shampoo. Increasing the temperature of water to open pores and water to penetrate them.
¤ We should never brush wet hair because the ends can be opened, it is best to let it dry naturally, combing with your fingers to avoid tangles.
¤ Combs and brushes should be kept scrupulously clean.

Using a mild shampoo hair is released into the dirt, excess oil and dandruff. In the belief that frequent washing it hurts, is imposed by the fact that the dirt is even more harmful. Therefore it can and should be washed whenever necessary.

Some home remedies for dandruff and hair loss

The following homemade cosmetics can assist us for dandruff and hair loss, one of the most common problems of our hair. Dandruff hair lotion kills five tablespoons of thyme, six hundred ml of boiling water and 500 ml of ethyl alcohol of 90 °. Place the thyme in a glass jar and cover with boiling water, let stand for eight minutes infusion. Then, five hundred milliliters measured extract, and cold when alcohol is incorporated. Apply by gently massaging into the scalp every night.

Anti hair loss can be applied daily massage with castor oil, for it heats the oil a bit. And for those dull, dull hair, you can prepare an infusion of rosemary, leaving it to marinate for several hours, strain and applied to the final rinse hair washing.

Homemade hair conditioner

With rosemary and sage can be made a homemade recipe that is going to serve as a hair conditioner. Rosemary has antiseptic properties, helps remove dandruff and improve the health of the scalp. The sage shines hair. The combination of these herbs gives a good result, especially for dark hair.

To put it in a bowl 50 grams of rosemary sprigs and 50 fresh sage leaves or dried, all finely chopped. We poured a pint of boiling water over the plants, and then snuck bottles and cover to keep in the refrigerator until ready to use. This conditioner is used after shampooing and rinsing first. It let stand 25 to 30 minutes, repeat the rinse and let dry as usual. And to clarify and condition the light hair (blond), apply an infusion of camomile the final rinsing.

Masks and tonics to strengthen and beautify the hair

If the hair gets too greasy soon after washing or dry or dandruff is formed, it is advisable to treat each week (or two) with a hair mask. In cases of abuse by hair dyes and permanents, this frequency can be increased to two masks per week for a period not exceeding one month and a half. The mask chosen according to the needs of each applied once the hair is clean, while still wet, and after about ten minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. After washing, the use of a hair tonic provides nutrients to hair follicles, regulates sebum production and facilitates the arrangement of hair to be effective, must be used regularly and apply gentle massage as both the scalp as the hair.

Dyes and natural hair dyes

The multiple possibilities of vegetable dyes have been known for thousands of years. Are safe and can provide a variety of hair 3 shades, from red or brown to blond so desired. Henna powders are perhaps the natural dye most popular and appreciated for the red reflex, and to clarify haired chamomile cream is the most used.