The neck pain, NECK PAIN is an increasingly common disorder, affecting the musculus-skeletal system. The so-called neck pain, which affects the area at the spine neck, goes to affect painful and make the various parts of the neck involved: cervical vertebrae, nerves, muscles, including the vertebrae of the spine. Statistics indicate a very high spread of this disorder, also due to sedentary lifestyles now too, and the posture that even “thank you” to the PC, has become a serious problem for most of humanity. A natural remedy to combat this disorder?

The Atlas out of place causes a “misalignment” of the head relative to the “cervical” and then to the rest of the body. Obviously, with a situation like this, the muscles of the neck begin to be always in “shrinking” creating serious problems in the communication between brain and body. And it is not difficult to imagine the consequences of this misalignment, especially if sustained over time: pain, muscle twitching, emotional tension, resulting in chronicity of pain.


And with these daily suffering, life becomes a hell. To “solve” the problem of pain, which is obviously not the cause but the consequence of a malfunction, many people simply take anti-inflammatory medicines that, in addition to being less effective if taken frequently and at length, become the real poisons to our body. Not to mention their side effects, often severe. For this we want to help you deal with the problem on a more natural and often really decisive. As can be seen from what we have said so far, the problems of the cervical spine are closely related to muscle pain . So, being the neck pain and sore muscles directly proportional to each other, the remedies that are good for one are often just as effective for the other.

Besides the classical remedies which may include a variety of massages, preferably made ​​by physiotherapists who know “where and how to get your hands,” to avoid making excessive pressures and manipulations wrong that could make the problem worse instead of improving it, there are a number of natural remedies, is “localized” (as and example creams and ointments) or in drops / essential oils, you can use it in various ways. For example … Those of you who have never heard the Claw of the devil? His real name is Saprophytic procurements and is a remedy used for centuries by South African populations for its great anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Devil’s claw is particularly effective against pain such as back pain, headaches, sciatica, arthritis, tendonitis, arthritis cervical, arthritis and many more.

The active substance is Kemerovo. Use. Can be used either orally or locally, as a decoction or as ointment directly on the sore areas. You can find it as the “mother tincture” or tablets, both in herbal pharmacies that sell natural products. Dosage is usually indicated on the packaging of the product, but you possibly can ask for advice at a naturalistic physician / homeopath. Regarding the use localized, in addition to the traditional ointments, you can pick the do-it-yourself putting two tablespoons root of Devil’s Claw in 2 liters of water, bring to a boil for about 15 minutes, strain and use the product on the painful area with batting. Others remedy. The essence of floral of lilacs, to facilitate muscle relaxation and relieve pain involving the neck, shoulders and back, as well as to facilitate the return to a posture correct. Use. Dilute 15 drops of essence of lilac in 200 ml. of almond oil and perform localized massages for 3/4 times a day.