Is not easy, indeed it is one of the hardest things to do. I’m talking about quitting smoking. Give up the cigarette, however, is the healthiest thing you can do. It benefits the health and also benefits from the beauty. Healthier skin and bright, stop stains on the teeth and hands. For those who do not know how to do this can be useful guide in which I talk about all natural remedies to quit smoking.

The first natural remedy that you can use is the willpower. Without a real reason you can not give it to a substance that creates a real addiction. There are people who quit smoking from day to day, a sign that their motivation is really great. However, it may not be so easy. So here these tips.


Do not underestimate the natural remedies believing that they are bland palliatives. The remedies that I indicate are tied to specific substances that can be replaced in one way or another to nicotine and therefore have a real real effect. The first of these is the so-called “St John’s wort.” It is an herb that has been studied for its effects on depression. The National Cancer Institute, in particular, has experienced the benefits on their smoking addiction. Along with a psychological therapy have been achieved amazing results. In 3 months almost half of the patients had stopped smoking. However, it is not recommended to use with exposure to the sun or with antidepressant drugs.

Another remedy to try is ginseng, may seem strange but the intake of this plant regulates the levels of dopamine in the body . Dopamine is a neurotransmitter involved in the process of nicotine addiction. Regularizing functions of the substance and its receptors also helps you to feel less desire (or need) of cigarette .

From certainly also consider acupuncture. This ancient technique is based on stress (through thin needles), certain points on the body. This stimulation produces indirectly physical effects such as the decrease of the craving for nicotine. This technique must necessarily be carried out by a qualified and experienced.

Now I will give some advice that will seem almost absurd. Drink lots of water! Simply assumed to be more liquid. Why? In addition to having obvious benefits for the body, drink plenty of water encourages them to pee. With the urine is expelled even nicotine (or its metabolites). The reduction in the level of nicotine in the blood makes it feel less missed. In practice, we are eliminating the poison that occurs in the bloodstream and the body is cleansed.

Finally, here are some helpful tips to fight abstinence, always with natural remedies. After a moment of enthusiasm in fact, abstinence can play tricks and to slip back into the vicious circle. Headache , nervousness, irritability, symptoms are inevitable for those who are trying to quit with smoking. To avoid temptation, we can assist you with teas made ​​from Valerian, hawthorn and lime. These substances are slightly sedative (and thus fight the nervousness) and help you sleep. With the strength of will and the help of nature, we can do it!