The constipation is an annoying disorder, which may occur for several reasons : health, constitutional, wrong feeding. Commonly referred to as “constipation”, constipation can occur at any age and according to world statistics, one in three people involved. In addition to the normal drugs that tend to promote intestinal peristalsis, fighting constipation (laxatives), which are often very irritating, we will be able to make use of natural remedies to treat this disorder that affects the life of the person affected. Let’s see how to cure constipation!


One of the first things to be put in place, if you suffer from constipation , is to perform a good physical activity . The sport, and the movement, they tend to regularize the bowel. More help may come from an adequate intake of nutrients that can combat this phenomenon, which we will see later. In addition, we will have to drink a lot of liquids, by introducing at least one liter, preferably two, of water per day , and avoid abound in the use of salt, which tends to favor the intestinal re absorption.

With regard to diet, are recommended foods rich in fiber, reduce the introduction of astringent foods such as bananas, potatoes, carrots and rice, and to acquire the habit of eating healthy foods such as yogurt and prunes, fruit juices , baked apples . The latter can be cooked either in the oven, sprinkled with sugar, which simply boil in a saucepan with a little ‘of water and sugar. To facilitate intestinal transit taken twice daily two tablespoons of flax-seed . These little seeds, help intestinal motility. But to make sure that the effect is beneficial and effective, we should before eating, drink a glass of warm water, preferably on an empty stomach.

Another food that in addition to baked apples and vegetables, has a natural laxative effect, are the prickly pears , is excellent eaten fresh and dried. Contain mucilage (such as flax-seed), which promote intestinal transit. Other natural remedies we come from the water contained in the fruit of the coconut by many legumes such as lentils, beans, chickpeas, this by virtue of the presence of fibers due to the skins. Finally, make natural products useful for a sluggish bowel, do not forget the beets, and vegetables such as cabbage. A diet rich in fiber, with the help of a lot of water to be consumed throughout the day, along with a good exercise to help solve or reduce the problems of constipation , without resorting to laxatives in the long run have the adverse effect on the intestinal mucosa.