The common cold is an infection of the nose and throat caused by the virus , we usually take between two and four colds a year. The cold symptoms , which usually appear 1-3 days after being exposed to a virus, are: runny nose, cough, nasal congestion , sore throat , sneezing, watery eyes, mild headaches , fatigue and pain muscles, fever less than 38 °. In addition to these remedies, certain foods can also help to strengthen the immune system , therefore, this practical guide, you will learn a few secrets about natural remedies to cure a cold without using medicines necessarily.


First of all, it is important to improve the cold already at the first symptoms, without neglecting, therefore, the rest is very important. If you work, it is wise to take a few days of illness, even if the symptoms are minor, (even your colleagues will thank you), this will give your body an advantage to fight the virus of the common cold and symptoms can disappear within a day or two. An ancient remedy for the common cold is chicken soup , prepared with the bones, garlic, onions and parsley, combined with water or vegetable broth and boil to get the chicken broth. The active ingredients in this soup have been shown to improve the symptoms of colds common and even doctors recommend this chicken soup for patients with symptoms of colds. Antibiotics for treating the common cold are generally not recommended.

It is important that you drink a lot of hot soups and broths, citrus juices contain a lot of natural vitamin C and herbal teas, you avoid caffeinated beverages that cause stress on your body. If you have fever, pain, and you feel tired, it is recommended bed rest. Drink plenty of fluids and take up less solid food, because the body has to work less for digestion and faster will be the healing process. Another very effective remedy is a combination of lemon with honey down at least twice a day, mixed, get a drink that induces sleep and allows your body to purify itself by microbes and is particularly soothing for a sore throat , then, heat two cups of water and add the juice of 2 lemons, add 1 tablespoon of honey.

If you did not know, it is important to know that garlic is one of the natural remedies most popular for treating the common cold, you can either prepare a drink made ​​with raw minced garlic or even if you eat it whole, still raw. Garlic is composed by allicin, which has shown antibacterial properties. Allicin is what gives garlic its distinctive warm flavor. If you have a cold without fever , take a warm bath that allows the body to relax and the steam helps to decongestant the nasal passages. If you have rosemary or eucalyptus essential oils, adding a few drops to your bath water, will also have a therapeutic effect.