The swollen belly and abdominal distension are the symptoms of digestive disorders , it is precisely the accumulation of gas in the stomach or intestines. Can occur more often in the changes of season and the approach of the cycle in women. In the next steps in this guide and discover some simple remedies natural against this annoying problem .

The bloating can have several causes: incorrect feeding, anxiety, stress , sedentary lifestyle or food intolerances. This problem can be prevented by taking care of the power and resolve. If you suffer often abdominal tension is good that you do the test to find out if any intolerances, and be able to exclude from your diet all foods that will cause this disorder.


Excluding food intolerance, it is good to recognize the foods that can cause this discomfort, among these are the starch from pasta and bread, fried foods, sauces, vegetables, desserts and dairy products. All of these foods, if present in excess in your diet, ferment, producing air in the intestine, resulting in swelling. Therefore prefer vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean proteins in fish and white meat. Exclude sugary juices, carbonated beverages, alcohol and chewing gum do you prefer more natural mineral water.

Another cause could be given by constipation. In this case it is important that your diet is rich in fiber. Also, if you can try to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, which causes constipation and accumulation of toxins and fluids. If your gut is smooth but you still have the swollen belly , and enter the following tips in your habits: eat slowly and long, avoid chatting and drinking with meals. Drinking water is very important but always and only between meals .

If the noise comes from states of anxiety or stress is useful to download any tension practicing physical activities, half an hour walk every day can help. Usually those who have this problem, suffers from irritable bowel disorder characterized by alternating periods of constipation with periods of dysentery. If your belly is swollen due to irregular bowel, you can find benefit with the intake of probiotic bacteria present in yogurt, but you can also integrate taking capsules sold in health food and pharmacy .

In addition to the recommendations listed above, to combat this disorder can rely to some very useful products to defeat the gas. The seeds of fennel, chamomile, lemon balm, anise and mint, plants are very effective in helping digestion and expulsion of gas because they have intestinal digestive, antispasmodic and relaxing. You can hire me through infusions or capsules, readily available in herbal medicine. Another effective remedy is charcoal, a natural product that absorbs gas and toxins present in the gut. If you decide to try this product, you have to be careful to hire him at a distance from any drugs, because charcoal can absorb the active ingredients of medicines, canceling or reducing its effectiveness.