The lice are very bothersome and those with children know how this problem can present with recurrence. Indeed, it is a common condition especially in kindergartens and even just a simple hug to meet these little animals among the hair . Let us then, with this guide, what are the natural remedies for head lice.

The best natural remedy against lice is prevention. When a child gets head lice, in fact, has only a few units at the beginning of animals in the head. This is the moment in which it is easiest to eradicate them, because if you let go much longer the situation worsens. An adult female lays up to seven eggs a day, so it is easy to understand as the weeks go by with the condition will worsen dramatically. The problem is that, when there will be hundreds of examples, you’ll be forced to use chemical products in pharmacies, then you can no longer avail of natural remedies . Then check the hair of your children in search of small red bumps at the level of the skin , or small white dots are difficult to remove. Also the fact that the baby wailing itchy head will be an alarm bell should not be underestimated.


Found that your child has contracted head lice, natural remedies absolutely the most effective for the treatment of head lice are the essential oils . Will do fine as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme and anise. Emulsion prepared using three tablespoons of oil and three tablespoons of olive essential oil chosen. Not many people know, in fact, that olive oil is a potent pesticide. Stir then prepare and apply it on the skin of children and on the roots of the hair. This operation can also help you with a brush, such as those that are found in packs of hair dyes do it yourself. Finally, let act oils for an hour, after which you’ll have to brush your hair with a comb teeth very narrow, so as to remove the eggs.

After treatment, however, it could also be that some insect has escaped your control. It will therefore be a good idea to wash your child’s hair and make the last rinse with white vinegar, rubbing skin well. This operation can be safely performed each shampoo, because it does not contraindications. Indeed, in the months to follow will act as a deterrent so that the lice do not find in the skin of the child an environment conducive to their survival. This will prevent the formation of new colonies, and that your baby lice .