The more we advance in years, the greater the risk of having the first white hair, which are likely to invade our beautiful canopy. Gray hair is only for someone synonymous with wisdom : in many cases, particularly for women, but in recent times also for men, are the symbol of old age. As it is a completely natural phenomenon, linked to lowering of the levels of melanin, initially undergoes a real shock. We see all of the natural remedies for white hair, to take care of our hair and smile in front of the passing time.


First, it is well to remember that gray hair does not always arrive and only due to age and inclement weather. It can happen that the hair become white due to a strong stress, one emotional shock or psychological. In addition, the whiten the hair can be hereditary: If your parents have started early to have white hair, it can happen to you. Finally there is the case of albinism, when the absolute absence of melanin results in consequences concerning the color of the skin, hair and eyes. Whatever the cause of graying hair, when he arrives with the first white hair , is totally useless to begin ripping them, will grow back the same color. chemical solutions are always at hand and there are specific dyes for those who have white hair and Natural Remedies miraculous leave in this case the time they find disappointing expectations, but in some cases keep their new foliage can even be enjoyable and fun.

Some women and men have discovered that the white, which in some cases approaches the beloved platinum, it is not only fascinating but even fashionable. It is possible to make a very original white hair by creating your own look by using accessories that embellish the face that ends with the light: green light in colored circles, eyeglass frames and brightly polished, cut jaunty hats. Also a good fringe can make its effect revitalizing and rejuvenating facial. The white will now be highlighted by contrast, by reason of sadness becoming a new resource to feel more beautiful and ironic. care of white hair in this case is very important, because the hair is not “white” in color, but simply has no coloring or pigmentation, and then will tend to turn yellow. Are commercially available specific products, from shampoos to conditioners to hair cream, with blue pigments that solve this problem and make the bright white and shining.

For those who want to camouflage the first gray hair help comes from the shampoo highlighters, not very aggressive and can give results very natural, with the great advantage of not causing nuisance growths. It is ideal especially for those with fair hair , from blond to red, because white hair can easily be confused with those blond, especially if the hair is moved. If the hair is found in some areas of the hair, comb it and it may be useful to study a cut with side line that covers the white strands, or raise up the streaks of color coming to cover those who have lost their original color. For men, an alternative to keep in mind if you really can not stand neither dyes nor white hair and you have a face fit is to shave his hair, counting on the charm that this exerts on the look fairer sex.