Despite being one of the less visible parts of the body, feet play an important part and a possible selling point for our health and our beauty. For this let us never forget to reserve at hard skin under feet the same daily care that reserve to other parts of the body such as the face, teeth or hair. Natural methods or implemented without the use of machinery and products derived directly from nature, therefore also be used at home, have always been recognized to be the most effective and economical, also to solve the problem of hard skin. Constance and use of specific instruments contribute in equal measure to be the best remedies.


They are often hereditary factors or bad habits that lead to the formation of thickenings called calluses, in addition to being unpleasant blemishes, can be annoying or even painful. For example, people used to walk without shoes have a texture of the sole of the foot much thicker than ours, we have a thin skin and delicate because the forced containment of socks and shoes throughout the year, until the arrival of the beautiful season .

A great help in the prevention calluses formed the habit is to wear comfortable shoes, soft and of good quality and, why not, at least from the habit of walking barefoot in the house (watch the corners though!.)
When, despite these devices, may form annoying thickening of the skin to solve the problem will be enough to enjoy a good pedicure.

Pedicure can be done at a podiatrist, in more difficult cases, or that the beautician, with specific tools and carefully sanitized will offer its professionalism. But even at home we can reproduce this practice, to save money or just to give us a cuddle in a simple and natural. But what are the steps carried out a thorough pedicure at home? First, it must be eliminated enamel applied previously, then switch to cleaning, to a scrub, a foot bath to soften the skin thickened and then the real treatment, which concludes with the application of a nourishing cream and possibly refreshing.

The attenuator starts dipping your feet in a basin full of warm water in which we have done to dissolve the baking soda, especially from the sanitizing properties and emollients. 10 minutes will be enough for a good cleaning and immersion to soften the harshness of the foot. Water can also add essential oils such as lavender oil, argan oil or sweet almond, all rich in nourishing properties for the skin and pleasant fragrance. At this point, after you have dried your feet, we can proceed to the polishing the hardness due to the pumice stone or the appropriate tool for removing calluses. With the latter we have to be careful not to hurt us, wiping the dirt gently. Once finished, mixing a bit of salt with lemon juice we make on foot scrub pleasant, natural and very effective, however, the slight draining effect due to the properties of the salt. After completion of the cleaning, scaremonger the foot, and after drying apply a moisturizer to absorb and we will do well.