The stomach is a very annoying problem, but also very common in many people. The causes can be many: a poor diet, moments of great stress, smoking are the most reliable. If it is sporadic, can be safely alleviated or even eliminated with totally natural remedies. If the pains are frequent and excruciating, in this case a specialist should be consulted. In this guide we will see what are the natural remedies for sore stomach.

First thing to look at is our diets, if we assume often not too healthy foods, the advice would be to eliminate at least part so as to put our stomach to rest for a certain period of time. The number of meals should be adjusted, taking them in the right proportions without doing some real binges. Should also be kept under control consumption of caffeine-containing foods or too many fatty acids such as citrus fruits and tomatoes. Smoking also has to be taken in the case, in fact, is one of the key triggers of the stomach , as it helps to increase the acidity.


To relieve heartburn, they can sometimes be sufficient for herbal teas, are those best placed to melissa , chamomile and Valerian. There are also too many other remedies, those so-called grandmother that help alleviate these annoying symptoms, let’s see what are the most popular. Drink a glass of warm water in the morning when you wake up could be one. If you do not like the taste of water can add a pinch of honey. Cause a reverse reaction in the esophagus by swallowing a spoonful of vinegar. At first glance, you will think that this is a huge contradiction, but no. The esophagus when he hears reach the acid tends to close, if we pick him up instead of the ingest, the esophagus will be forced to close, preventing reflux in turn to go up. In this way also the pains disappear. Many to have able to obtain relief only by relying on the stomach a hot water bottle.

Excellent remedies are also the juices of vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, radishes and beets, the high alkalinity contained in these vegetables counteracts the acidity produced by our stomach If there liked to take vegetable juices, you could always do use of fresh vegetables. From review also the custom of afternoon nap right after eating, great for chilling out but bad for digestion. The ideal would be to do a little walk in so as to facilitate digestion itself a good ally you can find it also in the ginger , either fresh or powdered This ancient root, known for its high anti-inflammatory qualities, should be incorporated into every dish, that way you will go to help the digestive process .