Sometimes, a person may have localized pain in the lower part of the spine, the lumbar region of injury , of a different nature, of bone and fibrous structures in the same area. You can have them in the acute form , with intense discomfort, which prevent even small movements that should be done during the day and had to ask for advice to be able to live peacefully away from these disorders and through this guide illustrate the natural remedies against low back pain .

It mainly affects the elderly, women, and some professional groups who carry out their activities being always seated, exposing the joints of the body that I have superscripts to increased wear. Appears, often, suddenly, possibly after some move for abrupt and abnormal spine, and sometimes also for the efforts trivial. For the latter causes the pain appears because pre-existing abnormalities of the inter vertebral discs, caused by a process of osteoarthritis.


It ‘a form of lumbago solved in a few days, according to the rest, assuming that is needed to facilitate muscle relaxation and reduce at the same time suffering. They are dangerous, however, the chronic manifestations that go in time with severe limitation of any activity, including work. They have, often, because it is overweight, which creates, in turn, an overload to the spine .

It is noted the intensity and, therefore, the true diagnosis by an exact medical examination and special tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray and CT scan. The doctor, as well, will determine the course of treatment to follow along with physical therapies, such as ultrasound or laser and with those of re-education, spinal manipulation, massage therapy, treatments infiltrative, with manual spinal mobilization and exercise classes specific.

The food, as always, plays a very important role in every field of our lives because it can support all the processes of self-healing. For what I’m dealing with is okay to eat legumes, whole grains, fish, white meat, vegetables, fruits, oil seeds and all that it contains additives, such as sugary drinks or packaged products.

Of course, back pain can be resolved, as well, with the remedies chemotherapeutic. And ‘excellent for muscle sprains, strains, bruises and Tarim, the oily extract which is obtained by macerating the flowers of Anica Montana, a medicinal herb of the family Asteraceae. How Anti-inflammatory cartilage, synovial joint and you can use the immoderate of Hugo Pine that for cases of bone demineralization need, also, to stimulate the function of cells that are part of the skeletal structure, the osteoblast.

The human body sometimes suffer from certain disorders, such as this argued, not only for what I have pointed out previously, but to overstress, emotional and tend to stiffen it. The Bach flowers , for these cases provide a good resolution, just to facilitate the accomplishment of the days, especially during times too intense, full of commitments difficult to know how to manage.