The problem of diarrhea , which causes heartburn , cramps and deep discomfort often affects all of us. Diarrhea is caused by poor diet, some food gone bad, bacteria present in the air and so on. The reaction is diarrhea accompanied by nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and troublesome turmoil of air in the stomach . It is a troublesome problem but that, in general, takes a couple of days and can be solved in a natural way (headquarters minor ). Hence what are the natural remedies for diarrhea. Read the guide to learn more about this topic.

natural remedies for diarrhea

The first tip essential if you were to have symptoms of diarrhea is to drink a lot of fresh water (not cold) and mineral. You can also quench your thirst with drinks rich in minerals and supplements . Drink from about eight glasses a day, twelve if the diarrhea is also accompanied by fever; But remember that the water does not contain electrolytes, therefore are preferred fruit juice (except plums and apples, being fruits laxative effect). Abound with infusions of chamomile, which have antispasmodic properties and with green tea or black, rich in tannin.

The yogurt with lactic acid bacteria produce the ‘lactic acid, which protects the intestine combating the bacteria that cause diarrhea and helping us to get better faster. in particular is the best solution against diarrhea, caused by excessive use of antibiotics. Try to relax, preferably in bed drinking a nice broth warm, not hot, with a hot water bottle on the belly to relieve abdominal discomfort. You will allow your body to recover the energy that you are losing.

There are some foods that you should absolutely avoid such as, for example, milk and all its derivatives (in particular cheeses) except for the low-fat yogurt, coffee, excessive amounts of sugar, fiber and fat. Instead, try to consume a greater quantity of soups, jellies, rice, bananas, potatoes, white meat, unsalted crackers (as we know salts absorb liquids, so you should avoid eating foods too salty). A good solution are the currants : being rich in anthocyanins, have antioxidant properties and anti-bacterial, useful to combat diarrhea. Here, without the use of drugs you can fight diarrhea.