Cough is a troublesome symptom, which occurs in both summer and winter. It is not a disease and can have many different causes . There are two types of cough : the productive cough , characterized by the presence of sputum from the bronchi, and the dry cough , which has no sputum. In both cases it is a phenomenon of airway clearance , which often ruin our days, or keep us from sleeping, especially because it causes redness, pain, and inflammation. The first thing that comes to mind is to use drugs (sedatives or expectorants), usually syrups, but have you ever thought about the use of remedies quite natural that do not foresee any kind of side effect? Of course, it is always advised to seek medical attention especially serious and for heavy smokers , but for a cough that strikes you as a result of cooling, I recommend you do some trickery to relieve pain and inflammation, allowing them to live more serenely your day (or night).

The most common remedy is to drink something hot. Generally it is recommended chamomile, as well as being a mild sedative, it also presents the properties anti-inflammatory (due to flavoring, lac tones and essential oils contained in the flowers). An ‘other hot beverage is milk from common usage, to which is added the honey . There are many varieties of honey, but the most recommended in the treatment of cough are the acacia honey, honey and honey balsamic conifer. For those who are not fond of milk, it is strongly recommended to dissolve in your mouth one or two teaspoons of balsamic honey, which calms the cough and pain for its emollient and soothing. The latter turns out to be also so appealing to even the little ones and those who hate the excessive sweetness of traditional honey.


Among the natural remedies grandmother, there are also the cloves and beets. The cloves can be boiled and act as calming both drinking the solution that is created, is inhaling (as a kind of aerosol). The beets instead, if sugar-coated and leave to marinate for about two hours, they release a juice that if used as a syrup is very effective against dry cough . A less popular but equally effective remedy is onion. It has expectorant properties and calming. To lock the symptom of cough also can bite a piece of lemon covered with pepper, this will greatly reduce the intensity of the contractions of the streets tract.

Then they are a useful alternative herbal teas Here you can really pick any number depending on the flavor you prefer (which will surely be much more pleasant onion): eucalyptus, licorice, anise, mint, purple, lime, plantain and many others, have intuitiveness properties and expectorant, useful for both types of cough. In herbal medicine are already packed in bags or leaves ready for infusion Remember to always take so many vitamins, especially eating oranges and juices.