It is the transition from winter to spring or from summer to autumn, for many people the changing seasons means the start of allergy season. Sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, itchy, watery and red eyes are just some of the symptoms that more than 350 million people experience every year. For many, the relief means taking a variety of drugs available in the pharmaceutical market ; However, for a growing number of people with allergies, it tends more and more to use what Mother Nature provides, with a variety of all-natural treatments without worrying side effects attributed to traditional treatments. Let us see some natural remedies in case of allergies.

natural remedies for allergy

As regards the allergy skin, the starch of potatoes is an excellent soothing to be used in case of itchy rash. Mix 3-4 tablespoons of starch in a bowl of water and immerse the body part affected by allergic reaction . Even the avocado pulp is particularly indicated to relieve itching and irritation. It is sufficient to pass on the affected area, bearing in mind that, if put in the refrigerator, the soothing effect of the pulp is greatly increased. A similar benefit can be obtained by vinegar of apples, a substance which, if diluted in warm water, greatly alleviate the itching .

The allergic reaction is caused by an abnormal production of “histamine”, a molecule normally produced by the body. In nature there are many antihistamines that, not being of chemical origin, without contraindications. Green tea, for example, is an excellent remedy in that it contains an alkaloid with considerable effects antihistamines. If combined with the honey, then, the anti allergic effect of green tea is guaranteed. Same goes ginger root, which is considered an excellent remedy in the event of allergic reactions, as well as being a good decongestant.

An allergy is always treated very seriously, because in severe cases an allergic reaction may get to be lethal. Consult your doctor in any case base, which will direct us to the most appropriate specialist to treat this particular disease. Today it is possible to trace the substances “dangerous” to the body through simple tests. We should always investigate thoroughly and decide on a treatment plan effective therapies to combine with “natural” as those mentioned above.