The gastrointestinal reflux disease, more commonly known as acid reflux, is a disorder that affects everyone across the board, men, women, young and old. Especially in our times, with all what we have occasion to ingest, from snacks to more and more popular fast food, it can be considered a disorder that characterizes our century. Can give dense annoying stomach and also burning, not only always in the stomach, but also in the throat. Here are some natural remedies for acid reflux.


The first remedy natural that you can take, which is also the simplest and most immediate, is to be careful what you eat. Obviously, in the case of acid reflux, it is very important to check what you ingest! Avoid high-acid foods, it would be important to do this forever, but because I understand that it may be difficult, try to avoid them completely, at least for dinner. I’m talking of course of the citrus fruit, but also in some vegetables, such as, first of all, the tomato, the bearer of great acidity to the stomach (if you really want to eat it, preferably boiled or fresh). Of course, in addition to acidic foods, avoid those that are particularly heavy, particularly elaborate dishes such as fried or, at least, as I said before, in the evening. As for the power, pass always have at least two hours between eating and going to sleep, but also simply lie down. If you want to relax, let it sit on the couch, but for digestion, put on your back immediately after eating is harmful!

Licorice is a little secret that can help with reflux. Its properties are perfect to soothe stomach pains and curb the problem. Try to take at least two / three times a day. But do not take bags found at the grocery store, more like that in real licorice candy, that is sweetened to please her very much, especially to children. Do you prefer the pure sticks, you can find just the bars but also at the pharmacy. Schiaparelli for at least twenty minutes, it is well roots that will be of great help!

Last useful remedy that you can use of course (since this is a disorder that can be contained only by fully-counter medicines, such as the gastrointestinal protectors to be taken after each meal or after each meal, however, particularly heavy, or before going to sleep) are the hot drinks. Do you prefer the soothing, such as chamomile, lemon balm etc, but very soothing and helpful for the stomach is also the infusion of fennel. Finally, the last tip, take some time to relax for you, because stress is a major cause of esophageal reflux !