The cough is usually a symptom of the body’s reaction to inflammation of the airways due to a pathogen or irritating. Therefore, it is often accompanied by a cold, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and so on, or to an allergy, such as allergic rhinitis . Sometimes the act is necessary to expel undesirable substances (dust, foreign bodies, etc.). It consists of a rapid succession of sudden inspirations followed immediately by sharp exhalations noisy explosive type. It says “dry” if it is characterized by the absence of sputum (phlegm, or excess mucus) and often by burning and itchy throat. They say “fat” instead when it is accompanied by sputum and serves for the elimination of that which, if held, could aggravate or contribute to the infection to an accumulation of bacteria. Cough is also a symptom that should properly be interpreted in the sense that, especially if it is chronic, that arose from a long time, may underlie diseases much more important. This guide will give you some simple tips Natural remedies for dry cough.

dry cough

It warns, increasingly, the need to discover the causes of cough to be able to soothe, because, often, it is impossible to stay awake, but sleep. A great solution is to drink milk , possibly with honey that is considered the nectar of the gods and can decrease and stop both the cough that dry. This really is an amazing method, because, this beneficial substance, white, heated, can act as a natural antibiotic and can remove any discomfort, then to release the bronchi for its magnificent effects soothing and softening, especially for a sudden cough and passing, as is always the dry.

A good remedy, beyond this, is the excellent condiment popular, namely, garlic, which is annoying, to the effect that causes to breath, but well-known for its many beneficial properties. It is an antioxidant, anti hypertensive that, if hired, chopped and combined with a cup of hot milk, possibly filtered, gives us a lot of help, in consideration of the case that you are dealing with. Nature can give us, every day, many wonders, as many herbs that can help us, for this subject, in a natural way. We speak of lime, which is able to defend the pharynx by bad exhalation, mallow, for its inflammatory and protective properties, which reduce and finally eliminate the pain.

It is not important, only the administration of natural elements, that are able to eliminate the cough , but create an environment where you live, always well moistened. Are indispensable dehumidifiers, to be placed on radiators on, during the winter. And ‘well, do not smoke, because, in addition to hurt, terribly dry mucous membranes, stimulating this annoying and painful Disorder in the throat and chest. It ‘s always good advice to give, that of having to always cover during periods of viral infections, to the air we breathe, especially when we are close to people who are already sick or, in children, who are prone to these diseases.