The body can manifest cracking a little everywhere, but generally arise most often around the heels and toes. The dry skin contributes to the cracking of the heels, as well as wear open shoes that allow the heel to expand. The problem often escalates due to the negligence or lack of attention to foot. You can treat cracked heels comfortably at home using natural remedies against cracked heels.

Wash your feet – One of the best ways to prevent and treat cracking of the heels is to take care of your feet. Make it a habit to cuddle every night by soaking in hot water and soap. Soak your feet for a few minutes can help loosen the skin on the heels. Use a pumice stone or a scrubber to remove dead skin. After rinsing, dry them with a towel. Before going to bed, masseurs with a rich lotion natural body, better yet, almond oil. Put on a pair of clean socks and leave to act overnight.


Natural Remedies – The vegetable oil can help moisturize cracked heels. -Apply a good amount and then put on a pair of thick socks, to let it work well. You should see results after a few days of starting treatment. Another natural remedy is the combination of molten paraffin with a small amount of oil of mustard. Mix the solution well and apply it to the cracking of your heel. Let it act overnight and continue the treatment for two weeks.

Change your eating habits – I cracked heels are also a symptom of a lack of fatty acids omega-3 in your diet. If you are not certain that this is the case, look for other signs of deficiency of omega-3 as scaly skin, dry hair and brittle nails. If you lack this nutrient, take a supplement at your local grocery store or you include in your diet foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as flax seeds, cold water fish and herb pursuance. Although zinc deficiency can cause cracks on the heels. Try to introduce foods rich in zinc in your diet, to help them heal. Foods rich in zinc are oysters, chicken, yogurt, rice and beans. If symptoms persist even after trying these natural treatments, consult a physician .