A natural resource projects to fight tooth decay and coconut oil, as new studies have determined

Among the medicinal virtues of coconut oil has been discovered which makes it very special is that it is a natural antibiotic, capable of attacking the bacteria that cause tooth decay on time, according to the latest scientific studies presented at the Fall Conference the Society of General Microbiology, University of Warwick, suggest the possible incorporation of this natural antibiotic ability of coconut oil to medicine or products for dental health.

Natural anti bacterial action of coconut oil

A team of Irish researchers found natural anti-bacterial effects of coconut oil, in its natural state, and with the addition of enzymes that simulated the digestive process, aiming to attack bacteria strains known under the name of streptococcus, variety is commonly oral local resident. From research it emerged that coconut oil treated with the enzyme was able to strongly inhibit the development of strains of streptococcus bacteria, among which is included the type of “mutants”, a variety of acid generator in the direct responsibility With respect to the occurrence of dental caries.


In several previous studies conducted on partially digested food showed actively acting against microorganisms, an example was a change caused by the milk enzyme, which demonstrated its ability to reduce the unification process between the bacterium “S. mutants “and tooth enamel, motivating further research into the effect of other enzymes on modified foods to act against bacteria.

More studies on the beneficial health properties of coconut oil

Further research be conducted to assess how coconut oil can interact at the molecular level with the above mentioned bacteria (streptococci) and other bacterial strains, as well as yeasts, although there are additional tests conducted a research group in the Athlone Institute of Technology, in which it was shown that the enzyme-modified coconut oil were indeed active against yeast or fungus known from ” Candida albicans “responsible for causing the disease known as” thrush “or infection caused specified by this fungus.

The effect of coconut oil oral health

The researchers conclude in their studies that the modified enzyme with coconut oil, would have a potential antimicrobial very important to include it in commercial products industry specializing in dental health. Experts said the cavities represent a health problem that commonly affects children and most adults in industrialized countries, thus incorporating the modified enzyme with coconut oil products dental hygiene, is presented as an attractive natural alternative to the widespread rejection of chemical additives by the public in general, and also that these products work in relatively low concentrations. There is a growing resistance to antibiotics of concern to medical science today, so it is very important to turn attention to new ways or approaches to combat infectious microbial processes and in the particular case of tooth decay or oral health, the Coconut oil is a natural resource that offers significant benefits.