In your own home, you have everything you need to relieve those annoying symptoms and fight in a natural and healthy way the common cold that affects you. Here are the best natural cough remedies.


Especially dark chocolate, since this food contains a component called the bromine whose action on our body allows alleviating the symptoms of the common cold, especially the cough.


Honey and lemon

In turn, you can mix the honey with coconut oil, or with onion syrup, since the onion has antibacterial qualities. On the other hand, some people also advise sucking a lemon with some salt and pepper.

Chicken Soup

This is also a very effective and known natural remedy for cough relief. The scientific explanation is that chicken soup has high concentrations of zinc and iron two potent allies that accelerate the recovery process of people affected by the cold. If possible, add a pinch of ginger and garlic to the soup. You will notice the results instantly.

Spicy pepper

Do you remember the remedy of honey? Well now, you can also add a few spoonfuls of spicy pepper along with the lemon to duplicate your results. The action of the pepper will allow you to expel the phlegm more easily. Along with eucalyptus, pepper has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties very conducive to this type of disease.

Water vapor

If you are at home right now, close all the windows and turn off the fans. Next, open the hot water from the bath and let the steam flood the entire home. The action of water vapor will allow you to relieve the airways, helping to eliminate phlegm from your lungs, and thus, nasal congestion.

A cup of Coke

In addition, a slice of chopped onion, that is all you need to say goodbye to coughing. Let the mixture boil for three or four minutes and take it every night. After all, Coca Cola was made from a formula for the cold, so nothing better than go to it when we need it most.


If your children have also caught a cold, encourage them to drink a glass of hot milk by placing a handful of marshmallows inside. Once the candy melts, you can drink the drink at bedtime although you can also use chocolates that reinforce the healing power of chocolate.


With mustard, you can create a topical ointment to relieve throat. Simply mix one serving of mustard powder in two of flour and add some water to consistent dough then pour it in a cloth and apply it on the skin.

Homemade syrup

There are many types of cough syrup. The most effective ones are those made with horseradish with lemon juice, honey and water oregano and honey and finally, thyme tea, made from the leaves of this herb and excellent to reduce inflammation of the Throat and coughing. Get well!