Wrinkles are a subject that no doubt worries all people with the passage of time. If you do not want to have to invest a lot of money in keeping your skin healthy there are some equally effective and interesting natural remedies that can certainly help you to keep your skin in an optimal state. Below you will find a special selection of some of them so you can start using them as soon as you want.

Natural anti wrinkle

Carrots to combat wrinkles

One of the best natural foods to combat wrinkles is carrots as it is a vegetable that contains lots of beta-carotene. This food is transformed into the body in vitamin a a special nutrient perfect to protect against the ultraviolet rays that also intervenes in the good maintenance of the skin, which is also ideal for reducing scars.

Green tea, a powerful anti-wrinkle

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting anti-wrinkle foods that can be found on the market is green tea. It is a perfect substance because it gives the body polyphones and is therefore perfect. In addition, this food contributes to reduce the risk of skin cancer, as it is ideal for reducing the damage that ultraviolet light can cause.

Prunes are perfect for the skin

You probably did not know that another of the interesting foods to get wrinkles to fight against is prunes. These are foods that have many antioxidants and with different photochemical that are ideal for reducing wrinkles. These fruits have calcium, beta-carotene, selenium and potassium and besides helping, the skin will serve to combat and prevent constipation.

Remedy based on banana and papaya

Undoubtedly, to combat wrinkles of the forehead the best option is to mix raw papaya and banana. You get an anti-wrinkle cream that is very good for the skin as it is perfect for breaking down dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new cells. Meanwhile bananas are great for rejuvenating the skin and prevent wrinkles because they have many vitamins. If used once a week this cream will be perfect to fight wrinkles.

Nuts to rejuvenate

Nuts are a really interesting food for the skin as they have essential or healthy fats, that is those that the body does not manufacture and that have to be included in the diet.

Tuna for softer skin

Tuna is a very healthy food for the skin since it contains selenium and thus contributes to decrease oxidative damage as well as is ideal to make the skin suffer much less when exposed to the sun. It is also a very interesting food to alleviate for example the symptoms of psoriasis and in addition can even prevent anemia.

Natural trick to fight wrinkles with sweet almonds

This interesting lotion is made from shea butter, sweet almonds, lanette wax, distilled water, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. In addition, you can also add vitamin E and Rosewood essential oils. Thanks to this lotion will get a natural cosmetic perfect to keep the skin hydrated and thus prevent any premature wrinkling may appear.

Geranium Oil Lotion

Argan oil is a very good choice to maintain healthy skin and fight wrinkles. An interesting option is to apply it in a mask made from yogurt honey, and twelve drops of this substance.  This lotion can be applied on the neck face neckline and hands and will effectively combat the effects of age in all these areas. Thanks to Natursan for this recipe.