Natural treatment homemade herbal cosmetics to have pretty hands without cracks or rough edges, strengthen nails and prevent chilblains.

The hands are one of the parts of the body that are further subjected to stress, crack and get damaged due to contact with water, to the action of detergent, cold or pollution. It is therefore necessary to subject them to special care, in many spas treatments are beautiful hands and nails. To care for hands and nails, and to prevent chilblains, there are natural remedies based on the application of medicinal plants, and natural cosmetics.

Manicured hands: hands beautiful

When handling cleaning products is advisable to use rubber gloves and always use a mild soap for washing hands, then dry them carefully, and apply hand cream. We must also protect them from adverse weather. In winter they are cold should be avoided, using gloves, since the skin does not get enough nutrients irrigated and dry. In summer, use a sunscreen on the back of the hands, prevent wrinkles.


Chapped hands

With infusions of medicinal plants, and used as a compress, are excellent for damaged or cracked hands:

¤Infusion of poppy petals
¤Infusion of leaves and dandelion flowers
¤Infusion of mauve
¤Infusion of chamomile flowers

Also the following recipe homemade cream of cucumber, used as a cosmetic. You will need: 2 tablespoons cucumber juice, 3 tablespoons cocoa butter and 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil. Melt the cocoa butter in a water bath, then added sweet almond oil, and finally, cucumber juice, stirring continuously until it is all a paste and mix well. Cool in the refrigerator. This cream is applied together with a gentle massage.

Rough hands: cosmetic home

Porridge for rough hands: applying for a while can get some hands beautiful and healthy, so we need 4 tablespoons of rolled oats and a pinch of yeast, oats boil and simmer for about five minutes, remove from heat, beat well in a bowl and mix with a pinch of yeast until everything is well blended. Apply the cream obtained by smearing her hands and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes, then wash hands with warm water and let air dry. It is applied once a day.

Remedy for chilblains

Chilblains both feet and hands, are colored purple swellings produced by the action of cold, and provided that the blood circulation is poor. So better quickly when it is activated by alternating hot and cold baths. Two minutes with cold water, one minute in hot water, and so on for half an hour.The effect of these baths are based increase if an infusion of the following herbs: chamomile and calendula.
To improve circulation in general and particularly of the legs , hands and feet are highly recommended infusions of dandelion , both fresh and dried plant.

Nail Care: Nail beautiful

Nails, composed of keratin, are a protection for the fingers. Keep them in good condition requires care.
For nails are beautiful, they must be fixed at least once a week. First you should soak them in soapy water prior to a manicure, and once dried they are shaped with a nonmetallic sandpaper. To prevent annoying ingrown toenails, it is best to cut your nails regularly square, this does not grow awry.

Nail Beauty

It should follow a balanced diet, rich in vitamin A and B, calcium and silicon. To achieve beautiful nails, healthy and strong you have to eat rice, celery, sunflower pipes so as pumpkin, onion , parsley and garlic , Foods rich in silicon. After daily work is recommended to perform a massage with a special cream for hands and nails, so they are well nourished and hydrated. The unsightly yellow spots caused by the consumption of snuff, is often effective to remove them, dip your nails in a preparation based on half a glass of water and three or four tablespoons of vinegar.