When contraceptives came into existence, these appeared a series of myths that make many women are reluctant to use them.

In the past, no contraceptive technique had been perfected and created methods like the pill and the injection did not give a high security women do not get pregnant and were not very healthy. The advance of science has now corrected these details and has made the contraception much more effective, less harmful, more comfortable and more variety for all women who wish to use them, can make your choice. However, there are still beliefs that contraceptives are harmful to women’s health, causing serious illness and is also spoken of its ineffectiveness.


The contraceptive injection

This is one of the most stigmatized that exists around it because there are many myths. It is said that contraceptive injection cause sterility, Which is a myth, since there is no scientific basis to prove it, there are only testimonies of women who say they have become sterile after years of using this method. Infertility in women is usually due to malformations in the reproductive organs, ovarian cysts, genital type disease at the level of the ovaries or fallopian tubes, hormonal changes, which are not produced or aggravated by the fact of using the injection . The injection can cause a lack of total or partial rule, known as secondary amenorrhea But not mean it is something serious is a reduction of the thickness of the endometrium due to various reasons.

The Pill

The myth that women fear most about the pill is because it is thought to produce weight gain, but no evidence of this, but there is overlap, as many women say they have gained weight since I started using the pill. Weight gain is caused by carelessness or because of thyroid, Which have no connection with the use of the pill. It is also said that sometimes the pill can fail, but only a percentage of 1% of all women using the pills have become pregnant, other women who are pregnant because they’ve made a bad use of these tablets have been careless or are using drugs that override the contraceptive effect.

Other methods

There are methods such as vaginal ring, Which is very convenient as opposed to the injection and the pill, this is not interfered by other drugs. The Copper T, A method that has a lower efficiency to other methods, because during the sexual act can be moved and completely lose their effectiveness and can also cause vaginal infections, if no proper care.

The contraceptive patch is one of the most effective, with an efficiency of 99.4% and is very easy to use, but also costly. Its side effects are what make it less used by women as it can cause thrombosis and weight loss. The male and female condoms are non-hormonal contraceptive methods, which have an efficiency of 98%, only unless a condom is broken, there could be transmission of viruses or sperm.

Some hormonal methods require an adaptation period of up to three months, where women usually have some side effects like discomfort, depression, bleeding or symptoms similar to those of pregnancy, which completely disappear after the period. They also have a time of detoxification, this means that once a woman stops using it, you must wait some time to get pregnant. This time can vary from three months to a year, depending on the organism, even some women who become pregnant immediately after stopping its use. However, before using a contraceptive method is necessary to consult a gynecologist to do the necessary tests and determine what the best method, because contraceptive methods respond differently in each woman.