A calf strain is the tearing of one or both of the muscles of the back of the leg, much more frequently the gastronomic muscle strain which is located in the middle of the junction between the muscle and tendons. The symptoms of a problem in the calf muscle can vary significantly, but generally include a sudden severe pain in the back of the leg. Muscle aches, especially to the touch and may appear swelling and bruising.

muscle strain

The stretching of the calf can be of three different levels of severity. The stretching of the first level counts up to ten percent of muscle fibers damaged. The athlete feels a twinge of pain in the back of the leg, may feel able to continue playing, but feel a slight discomfort. Feel calf pain for two to five days after the injury. The symptoms of the stretching of the second level are much more serious, because it counts up to ninety percent of muscle fibers torn. Normally it is perceived as a sharp pain in the back of the leg, with suffering significant even at the level of the feet, and will become more acute doing resistance with their feet on the ground. In all probability there will also be a swelling in the calf muscle, with mild and moderate bruising.

With a tear in the third level the athlete will feel a severe immediate pain at the back of the leg. You will still be able to keep walking, but will present bruises and swelling. In the case of a complete break, often there is a deformity as the muscle goes to regroup on the upper part of the calf. The rest, compression and elevation of the leg with the application of ice is essential. The cold therapy should be applied as soon as possible, to help stop quickly any internal bleeding. Apply the ice for ten, fifteen minutes per hour, to deaden the pain and swelling.

Use a compression bandage and a support for the calf. Can be applied immediately to help stop the swelling, but the shutter speed is perfect ten minutes at a time, since the restriction of blood flow could cause further damage. Wear a heel to lift the heel and shorten the calf muscle.