Sportsmen know how to recover from a muscle injury both emotionally and physically difficult to bear. The recovery phase varies depending on the type of injury or damage to muscle . It should never be underestimated a period of rest followed by slow stages of rehabilitation to sport and above all you should always listen to your body to actually understand the solution and the best strategy to adopt.

It should be specified that every accident is a special case and should be considered as such. Sometimes you get hurt and have to quit the sport that he was practicing, but it can be replaced with different physical activities. For example, if you have an accident during a training session of athletics and the injury affects the muscles of the legs, you can replace the ride with swimming or cycling. Of course, the workouts should be light and unpretentious competitive, but only and exclusively for healing purposes.


We must make a clear distinction between the various types of injuries that an athlete may suffer. Speaking of Athletics face one of the most common problems: the tearing or stretching. There are three types of level. The first level involves a tear or strain whose pain is bearable and the runner, while feeling discomfort, is able to continue its run however, having to slow the pace usual. In the second level the pain involves the replacement of the run with the walk and requires the rest of at least a week. In the third level the pain is so strong that the athlete can not move the muscle , and to recover an absolute must rest for a month or more. There is no specific cure. You can still use bandages for relief. If the pain persists after the first three days, it is useful to undergo x-ray to avoid serious injury. After a first phase of absolute rest , and before resuming any type of effort, must be practiced in a special rehabilitation center and under medical observation.

Another problem that plagues the sport is the distortion of the part in question in this case is the ankle. The level we understand the damage that the accident has resulted If the ankle is sore, but no swelling or other forms visible to the naked eye, it is possible that just a few days of rest In the event that you submit bruising, swelling or redness you need to do an x-ray and immobilize the ankle brace, plaster or other method that the physician deems appropriate for the perfect healing Shooting times in this case are long, but they need to be respected Avoid spreading creams or ointments without first consulting a specialist.