With proper nutrition and a balanced workout, you build muscle and reduce fat. Tips for recreational athletes.

Most people go to the gym to do anything for her figure. The most popular goal is to build muscle while reducing fat and. This works primarily with a mix of cardio and strength training. Here you can plan appropriate training for free. However, even the best training plan is nothing if not a little one changes the diet. Make permanent fat diets and frustrated, a healthy diet is the best way to remain permanently slim. Anyone at least three times a week makes sport, has a slightly higher protein requirements. What you should pay attention to?

Protein and muscle building

Of course, protein for muscle building is important. However, you must not necessarily take protein shakes in order to give your body the necessary proteins. Even a purely vegetarian diet is theoretically able to cover, the demand for amino acids. Easy does it, but with a healthy balanced diet. It depends not only on the amount of protein, but also on the valence of the protein. Animal protein in the form of lean meat or fish is very high, it contains all essential amino acids. This also applies to tofu. However, dairy products and legumes are valuable protein sources, especially in combination with cereals. The amino acids from cereals and dairy products and legumes complement each other perfectly. With a healthy balanced diet, you usually meet your needs for amino acids. If you do a lot, you will automatically eat more and absorb more protein. Shakes and other supplements are only after a certain amount of exercise recommended for body builders, for example.


Carbohydrates are also important

Unless you need to take carbohydrates, possibly at short notice. However, the possibility of a low-carb diets are limited. When diets are basically two different approaches, removal of fat and the absence of carbohydrates. But the fact is that long-term work, both approaches are very rare. Eventually, it comes easily to a deficiency or a desire for the forbidden food is too large. Therefore, a healthy balanced diet is the best way. Carbohydrates are important for building muscle, so to speak, because they are the fuel of every cell. Without carbohydrates during exercise, we are weak and powerless, even in the long term can be reduced muscle mass, if the body has a lack of carbohydrates. Low-carbohydrate diets are popular with bodybuilders before competitions, they deprive the body of water and thus provide for better muscle definition. As a long-term diet to lose weight, these diets are very controversial.

Fat is part of healthy diet

A low-fat diet does lead sometimes to remove that person, but she does not usually long term. This is simply because that fats are essential for our body. Without fat, the metabolism does not and it comes to nutritional deficiencies. In addition, fat acts as a natural Essbremse. In reality, our blood sugar rises after a low-fat, high carbohydrate meal very strong and fast and falls off again swiftly. The result is cravings. If food is reasonable, however, with one (!) Prepared amount of fat, they are digested more slowly and the effect on insulin levels are significantly lower. We now know that insulin prevents the breakdown of fat. Therefore, you should consume healthy, vegetable oils and fats, and nuts in normal amounts and not too low-fat cooking. Avoid basically on light products and low-fat diet products and eat fat cheeses, cream mound and only in small quantities. Do you prefer milk products and meats that are not naturally high in fat, such as yogurt, cottage cheese, mozzarella, cream cheese, ham, etc. It certainly is clear to everyone that industrial fats and fats in sweets and snack items are not part of a healthy diet and a hindrance in any case are lose weight.