With monthly contraceptive ring will only have to think about your birth control once a month.

The vaginal ring is a hormonal contraceptive method, but the difference with the drugs Oral is you get the same effect with a lower dose of hormones released into your body, and therefore fewer side effects.
The ring, Made of a flexible plastic material, releases the hormone while in the vagina, the body absorbs the substance preventing ovulation and therefore pregnancy.



The ring looks great, but it is totally flexible for easy application, even easier than a tampon. Furthermore, the type of surface that is smooth and is easily slips inside the vagina .With the index finger and thumb to press the device is nearly flat, enter the vagina in a position that feels comfortable and then push with your finger to the bottom. Both the placement and removal are totally painless. Once in position, get up and walk, if you do not notice anything is that it is well placed.

No matter the position taken by the ring once inside the vagina, the only important thing is to not notice it and feel comfortable, if you feel it, push a little further inland. Removing it is even easier, just have to introduce the finger into the vagina until it touches the ring and stretch subject. You can dispose of in regular trash at home, but do not throw it down the toilet.Do not be afraid of not finding the ring when you have to remove dimensions, once you enter you will give him the finger. It is impossible to lose the ring in the body.

How to use?

You have to continuously wear the device for three weeks and removed after this period of time to rest a week. In this way, if you take off and you put the ring on the day of the week, and trying to be the same time always.

During the bye week is the time of menstruation, more or less the third or fourth day of the withdrawal of the contraceptive. After the bye week, then repeat the same operation, ie it will always be three weeks with an earring and rest. If you have an important aconteciemiento which does not want to be with menstruation, but you figured that corresponds to the dates where the rule appears, you can skip the week off and join a ring with another, you will be a month without rule and enjoy the act without discomfort. This one should do in specific cases.


You must bear in mind that this is a contraceptive method, but does not prevent sexually transmitted infections, so if your sexual partner is not stable or you have doubts, it is advisable to combine the ring with a barrier method such as condom .Any questions or advice is preferable to consult with your gynecologist.


Monthly contraceptive vaginal ring is a family planning method, reliable and secure.The most important thing when choosing your method is that you feel safe and secure, and you use it correctly.