There are very wide variety of reasons why dental implant procedures are carried out by specialists in repair and replacement of teeth from Glasgow NHS providers to private dentist Cheltenham. The patient may have been involved in a minor accident such as a trip and fall or perhaps the tooth has crumbled as a result of decay. Whatever the cause there are several variants on the basic implant from the traditional to the very latest cerec crowns.


Out with the old, in with the new

Many people have simply tired of wearing old-fashioned ill fitting dentures and wish to once again have teeth that have the feel and appearance of the original organic versions that may have been lost over the years. Other people perhaps have developed some kind of speech impediment or other difficulty because of tooth loss and would like to regain their personal confidence.

Minor risks

Risks are possible, of course, but with modern dental practices and hygiene requirements, problems such as infection or nerve damage now have a very low occurrence rate, making the tiny risk well worth the excellent results available from a qualified dentist capable of making use of cerec technology.

Before you can begin the procedure, you will certainly need to have a very complete and in-depth evaluation, which will include a thorough oral exam and the creation of a personalised treatment plan. The examination itself will include the use of x-rays as well as taking highly accurate moulds of your teeth. There is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ treatment available and your dentist will very specifically customise the tooth or teeth replacements to fit in perfectly with your existing teeth.

No waiting around

The procedures will be completed as an outpatient and the surgery will be generally involve the removal of rotten or damaged tooth structure and the preparation of the area of the jawbone which will eventually become home to a metal post which in turn will be attached to the new crown to create a sturdy and permanent replacement to the original tooth.

Cheltenham style dentistry

In Gloucestershire one dental surgery of note is Arden House Dental who offer dental implants Cheltenham residents will be able to smile about. Cosmetic dentistry Cheltenham style can be provided by the highly qualified and professional staff at Arden House who between them have decades of experience in the replacement of ugly or missing teeth.

Anyone who has had the misfortune to lose the tooth, in particular one of the front which is easily visible when you talk, eat, or smile knows the discomfort and embarrassment the situation can bring, so many people the faster that a new tooth can be inserted and the person’s smile returned to normal, the better.