Many foods have a high value of histamine, which if not well synthesized by the human body can cause severe headaches.

Currently, there are about 165 different pains, headache, and migraine is just one of them, so the difference basically a tension headache is common or recurring character, the fact that each crisis lasts between 4 and 72 hours, the pain is usually pulsate (synchronous with the heart rate), which is usually located on one or both sides of the head and is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, photophobia and phonophobia. To a greater or lesser extent, migraine patients have been quite undervalued by society due to ignorance of its consequences sometimes disabling, but scientific advances have brought much light on this disease.

Numerous studies have pointed to a possible food source that, while not always have to be cause of migraine, they do share many patients, and consequently calls for a therapeutic treatment and drug prevention. These studies highlight the recently conducted by the Spanish Association of Patients with Headache (AEPAC) and laboratory Healthcare DR histamines about the food as the cause of migraine attacks.


DAO enzyme Dramamine oxidase or

Histamine is an essential molecule present in greater or lesser extent in all foods of daily life. Our body produces a type of enzyme by which histamine is degraded and metabolized in the small intestine: the Dramamine oxidase or DAO. But when there is a deficit of this latter, histamine is not eliminated, which causes various disorders, including migraine. There is no direct temporal relationship between the intake of foods high percentage of histamine and migraine, this is not immediate, it is important for the prevention and eating a diet low in nutrients such molecule. Foods that contain histamine are those who have undergone maturation or extended storage, and others such as alcohol, cheese, raw meats, seafood, fish sauces, vegetables such as eggplant, tomato and spinach, fruits such as strawberries, pineapple or banana, and chocolate.

Causes of migraine

The cause is not known exactly, but in recent years much progress has been made ​​in research on the matter, and what is known is, for example, the part of the brain where changes occur that lead to a migraine. You could say, in short, that these changes are due to inflammation and dilation of cerebral arteries certain that would be the cause of pain. There are a variety of situations that may trigger these crises:

* Stress, anxiety or any conflict that causes discomfort.
* Stimuli as strong odors, penetrating light or temperature changes.
* In women, menstruation, contraceptives or estrogen therapy.
* Sleeping too much, or too little sleep is interrupted.
* In the feed, as noted, products with high levels of histamine, among others.

Prevention against medication

It is important for the patient to undergo a diagnostic to detect whether the origin of migraine histamines is in a food, from an analysis of the level of enzyme activity in the blood DAO. There is a novel test called migrates , by which an assessment can be made ​​of alimentary origin of the disease, thereby to follow a preventive treatment, comprising:

* Eliminating as far as possible the consumption of drugs, since most of anti migraine drugs are inhibitors of DAO.
* Follow a diet low in histamine food for a week or two and go on a diet logging gradually more tolerant.
* Taking a supplement of Dramamine oxidase before each main meal.

As for the palliative treatment of pain, there is no home remedy that can prevent the occurrence, but it is advised that when the patient intuit looming crisis take measures like eating salty, continued compression exerted at the level of the temples, and isolating yourself in dark and silent. It is also recommended to avoid physical exercise , since not only does not prevent migraine but is shown that may trigger or worsen the severity of attacks.