With this striking drawing of breast implants, this bar increases the number of customers who visit it.

Regardless of gender or type of beverage consumed in this bar for each beer, tequila, wine, etc. that you consume becomes entitled to a ticket to participate in this contest that has attracted both women and men at the bar of Holy Name Puppy.


How to participate in the draw for implants breast

The name of the promotion is No boobies and there is no paradise for every drink you consume is given a ticket, the place is an urn on the bar on which is deposited a part of this with your personal data. In the first week of this promotion, the urn was filled with about 2500 tickets client wants to win the coveted prize of breast implants. The draw takes place on a monthly basis. Bar managers commented that the surgery has an approximate cost of fifty thousand pesos (about four thousand U.S. dollars) and work with a renowned plastic surgeon in the city of Guadalajara One of the most important cities of Mexico, a place which is the bar.

The winner undergo routine medical exams required for this type of surgery to ensure optimal health of the candidate for the breast implant. Besides implants used are the best brand and sele monitors the patient until full recovery from surgery.

What drove the draw for implants breast

Because the government of the city of Guadalajara has implemented stringent measures to limit alcohol consumption in the city to reduce car accidents caused by drunk driving, is that the bar decided to implement this marketing strategy has provided many benefits to the business.

And not only business managers and the winners have benefited, but also those men looking to find a partner, and which according to place employees in a time a young man became attractive prize winner, the gave a young woman to approach her.

Risks of breast implants

Undoubtedly breast implants increase the self-esteem And in cases such as breast removal due to the condition of breast cancer, help in the reconstruction of the life of the survivor of this terrible disease, however, as with any surgery has its risks.

There may be leaking or ruptured implants, loss of sensation in the area, temporarily or permanently, impedes the detection of early stage tumors, both with the touch as mammography, capsular contracture, which is that the body forms around the implant a kind of living tissue capsule, which in some cases pressing the implant shrinks and may need to do more surgery.