Patients who have a major mental breakdown need a long term solution for their recovery. A facility like Morningside Recovery provides a unique space for patients to recover without staying in the hospital. Most patients simply do not want to sit in the hospital for weeks on end, and the recovery facility provides a more stable environment. All the people are there for the same reason, and these common goals help people get better much faster.

Open Treatment

When patients check into the center, they are provided with an Open Treatment model. This model allows them many of the normal freedoms they get, while also providing specific therapy and care designed to help them cope with their mental illness.

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The Room

Every person in the facility can check into a private room, and they can have family over whenever they like. These private rooms offer the patient a place that feels like home, and these private rooms offer peace and quiet at the end of the day. Each room is equipped with a bed, television, phone and sitting area. The patients can relax in the room after they are done with therapy, and they can read by the window at the end of the day.

The Staff

The staff at the facility goes from security to the doctors in charge. The doctors handle the treatment plans for each patient, and the therapists help to enact these plans. There is someone to help with every aspect of recovery from mental to physical, and they track patient progress every step of the way. The patients get updates on their progress, and families can get updates on the progress of their loved ones.

When people are checked into these facilities, they have the chance to recover without sitting in the hospital. They can recover in a room that feels much like home, and they can enjoy the privacy that they crave, while still having some of freedoms they would normally have. The center works only on recovery so that patients can go home to their families and their own beds.