Memory is fallible, make mistakes and may even sworn to the suffering of degenerative diseases whose hero is forgotten.

Memory can be defined as brain function, through synapses or connections between neurons allows us to recall facts, objects, sounds and sensations past. Punset Eduard says “Without memory there is no life”Since the last unites memory with this offering the subject a sense of continuity in time. But not only that, it also allows us to imagine the future based on various elements that are associated stored causing a reality that has occurred.Sensory memory stores its data in different parts of the brain and are unified by the hippocampus.


Do not store them in the head that you fit in a pocket.” Albert Einstein

Daniel Schacter, a psychologist at the University of hardward-author of the seven sins of memory, which explains why the memory is not totally reliable since it depends on several factors, including the focus on the lived moment. If we look at several things at once is more likely to fall into oblivion.

The brain must select the data most important to save, to make room for what’s important. This is an adaptive need “Forget some things need to move forward in life”Says Schacter. Although memory has a very high storage capacity, connections that neurons make less available the more ancient they are. It is also harder to remember the more memories accumulate.

Memory errors

The misattribution is to remember a certain aspect but take it out of context and invented a story that can mix elements lived in different situations. Also influence knowledge in memory, feelings and beliefs today. That is why Punset gives importance to unlearn, as it allows access to new possibilities. Memory fails, mainly when evoking the details, but essentially keeps well.

Memories can also be induced and stolen. It is possible to believe a person who remembers something lived in reality and also that of winning the role of a fact that has only been a spectator. If you want to remember is to pay attention to the information at the time of capture it. A good trick is to repeat, out loud, the contextualising data to preserve or at the site has been acquired.

Memory is a faculty that can be lost due to age or illness, however, recent studies indicate the possibility of exercising, maintaining and even increasing through either physical training, manual or intellectual. In this sense, can be found in the Red james memory necessary to maintain the activity of neurons.

Mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s

By studies Recent research conducted by Spanish, loss of short-term memory and mild cognitive impairment Characterized by the loss of items, the neglect of scheduled tasks and the difficulty in finding the right word to communicate, could herald the disease Alzheimer’s disease.

The number of Alzheimer patients has increased as people enjoy more years of life. Its early onset is due to heredity, at least 1% of cases, and shares the brain lesions that characterize the most common form of the disease whose onset is presented in most cases, after 65.


Scientific studies focus its efforts on detect the disease even before symptoms manifest. Thus, in Mexico, have begun clinical trials with drugs and vaccines in a range of people with a family history of the disease or carry the gene that predisposes to this disorder. The great difficulty which is prevention research is that it is costly and time demonstrating that a product prevents disease do patients with obvious symptoms.

On the other hand, advances in imaging the brain and its processes enables a better understanding of the factors and functioning of this organ, suggesting a promising future to compensate when the most serious disease of memory. Oblivion, often want and need, sometimes becomes a burden make it difficult reaching function in most trivial tasks.