“Too little sleep makes you stupid,” says psychologist Gunther Amann Jennson sleep and gives tips for healthy sleep and more energy in spite of daily stress.

The Austrian sleep coach and psychologist Gunther Amann Jennson deals with perhaps the most important third of our lives: to sleep. As an expert on the topics of health, vitality and sleep optimization, the entrepreneur and author of the concept “Bioenergetic sleep” justified. In the interview, the sleep researcher, as our personal lifestyle affects sleep and what everyone can do to improve his quality of life through restorative sleep.

What happens while we sleep – why is sleep so important?

Amann Jennson: Above all, our brain is highly active during sleep. This is where an approximately ninety-minute intervals of more or less intense activity. In the first third of night, the body of a growth hormone that contributes to the regeneration of body cells. Bones and hair to grow through this growth hormone. The fat balance is stabilized, which is also an important aspect. In addition, many detoxification, healing and regeneration processes occur exclusively during sleep, such as the strengthening of our immune system. About the all-night melatonin is also distributed. This gives our body the message that now is night, catch ‘on the repair work. And very important. we have learned to save from the sofa. In summary one can say that regenerates during sleep the human body and his batteries recharged.


As described in your book is “Sleep is an instinct of human action” can it really so much influenced by coaching?

Amann Jennson: Although sleep in itself an instinctive act, he needs very clear biological basis, so it actually works. These are dependent on our lifestyle, our physical and mental health and fitness, our habits to our addictions. Above all, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are clear sleep disturbers. The sound sleep of the modern man is a symbiosis of lifestyle and our bedroom with the heart, including sleeping bed system, which should regulate the areas of orthopedics, bed and electric atmosphere. So we can sleep well, we need, among other sun-drenched, “sleep friendly” days and relax in the evening, darkness, silence and security. Many people have since large deficits that can be changed by an informed and healthy sleep coaching.

How can people with sleep problems, improve their quality of sleep, despite stress of everyday life – what to look for?

Amann Jennson: First the good news: About 90 percent of the disorders of sleep have no organic cause. The bad news is that there are thousands of reasons why a person is sleeping poorly, and in sleep can not recover sufficiently. Sleep is something very individual. However, the inner, emotional stress is a major cause of restless sleep. There are however some good news again each bedroom can be improved, because stress is finally again a predominantly psychological problem. My years of research have shown that lies next to the daily habits and the learning of conscious relaxation, the greatest leverage for improving sleep in the right sleep system, including a harmonious, trouble-free sleep environment. The bed and mattress are made ​​from biological point of view at all the major pieces of furniture in the house after all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping.