Massages are good for health, mind and psyche. A brief overview of the most common forms.

A massage soothes, relaxes, stimulates circulation and is simply good for body and soul. It is known as the oldest known form of therapy. Originally, the massage probably from the east of Africa and Asia. At least you can find the first written descriptions of massage 2600 years BC in China. In India too, there was an early massage techniques. The Greek physician Hippocrates (460-375 BC) it reached Europe. The massage then fell into oblivion for a while, was briefly by Paracelsus in the 16th Century rediscovered. Really known she was in Germany, however, until the 19th Century. Of course, they sat down by slow, even 20 years ago it was considered unusual if someone treated himself to a massage.

Today, there are massage parlors everywhere. In big cities there are usually several massage parlors, often specialize in particular technologies. But also in the country can be found nowadays studios or individual provider. Regulated training paths guarantee the quality of the bids. Here is a brief overview of the most commonly offered massage forms:

Swedish Massage

The best known form of massage is the classic massage, which is also known as Swedish massage. Because the skin is “kneaded” with your fingers. Variations thereof are the honey and massage the chocolate massage. Here, the active ingredients and the smells of the food contribute again for extra relaxation.


Hot Stone Massage, Thai and sound

During the hot stone massage heated stones are placed on the body. The warming effect is to have a very good effect on the autonomic nervous system. In Thai massage, the body is gently stretched and stretched. With a sound massage singing bowls are placed on the clothed body and stopped. The vibrations are transmitted to the body and aid relaxation.

Brush massage

When the brush massage the body is caressed with a special brush made of natural bristles. Circular motions starting with the lower legs This will stimulate the circulation and regulate blood pressure. At the same time, the skin peeling.

Hawaiian Temple Massage

The traditional Hawaiian Temple Massage, Lomi Lomi Nui, also called, should remove blockages on a physical and spiritual level. Usually it takes about two hours. It is used a lot of oil and the masseur works not only with your hands, but with the entire forearm including the elbow. A variant is the four-handed Lomi massage, which is performed by two people simultaneously.

Antarctic Massage

The Antarctic Massage is an erotic version of the massage. Attending to both as well as the masseur / masseuse who are completely naked of. This very sensual experience has to do despite often other assumptions to do with the red light district, but comes from the spiritual direction of Tantra.