Natural products for hair care, recommended and available to everyone.

To hydrate our hair and give softness, it is advisable to use several times a week to provide hair masks vitamins and nutrients to the scalp, elements that need all types of hair, especially the weak, dyed or molded.
To strengthen the hair, is definitely more important to maintain a variety of foods: fruit and vegetables, fish, milk, nuts, cereals, eggs and to a lesser extent, fat. In addition, we supplement our diet with supplements such as brewer’s yeast or soy lecithin, which helps build and maintain healthy hair.


Many foods such as egg or olive oil, are more than useful for hair care, and not only through ingestion. If we want to soften and brighten our hair, for example, we develop a nourishing mask with these two ingredients mix to a creamy consistency. Then apply the product to the hair and leave it act for about 15 minutes. Later, we will wash and rinse your hair as usual.

The egg, flagship

Continuing with the star ingredient in the kitchen, egg, we must note that, by its composition and unctuous fat, has become a great help to restore dry hair and beaten. To make a basic mask the procedure is as follows: the working one egg yolk, a tablespoon of olive oil and half an avocado in a bowl until mixture is smooth. Then the resulting paste is applied on the hair and rinse after twenty minutes.

A second way to make nourishing mask based on this ingredient is as follows: in a bowl mix egg, a teaspoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of mayonnaise. Mix well and apply on hair. The hair is then covered with a bag and leave it for twenty minutes before rinsing with warm water. Finally, a third option would be to beat an egg yolk and add two tablespoons of almond oil and two tablespoons of water. Gently mix. Massaging the scalp and leave it, as in previous cases twenty minutes, then rinse.

To add shine

Another simple hair mask that can be made at home is as ingredients vinegar, sage and rosemary. Allow to stand a glass with a mixture of these three components for two days. Then applied to the hair gently. And after a few minutes, rinse. This compound is indicated for dryness and lack of shine. A second option to get the hair is healthy and shiny, is deposited in a jar dried nettle leaves and cover with apple cider vinegar. The product is stored for 15 days in a dark place, shaking every day the compound to mix well. Then he slips past the vinegar to a clean bottle and letting it stand two weeks. After this time, you can use the resulting product by adding a splash of it to the rinse water when we wash our hair.

Other recipes: fruits

For very dry hair: Peel and mash a ripe avocado, add three tablespoons of plain yogurt and mix well until a smooth paste. Apply the cream on damp hair and cover with a warm towel. Then rinse with warm water.
For damaged or fragile hair: Peel and mash two bananas, adding a tablespoon of honey and mix well. Apply to damp hair and leave on for about twenty minutes. Rinse to remove the mixture and then wash hair as usual.