78% of women say never look the composition of cosmetics.

One in four women have been recognized a problem in the eyes (conjunctivitis, stinging, irritation, etc.) Because of the makeup, and more for contact lens wearers. Mascara and Eyeliner

According to a study by the Foundation Rementería, the presence of makeup in the tear film is associated with poorer vision. Eight out of ten respondents to the study said eye makeup more than three times a week, and many of them reported having difficulties with vision improved by blinking as it clarified momentarily traces of makeup. According to Dr. Javier Hurtado, medical director of the Foundation and author of the research conducted on 100 patients, this occurs because the presence of makeup in the tear film is associated with poorer vision.

The study explains that makeup eyes throughout life can have long-term consequences in the eye, especially in one eye more sensitive, so the makeup is even more harmful in contact lens wearers, as it aggravates the risks associated with them, such as dry eye and irritation, but also infections. The consequences would be milder discomfort and contact lens intolerance, but the worst may be favoring infections, which in contact lens wearers are more serious, by a bacterium called pseudomonas, which are sometimes very difficult to treat and that can scar the cornea.


Dr. Howard recommends that the eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow applied outside of the tab because otherwise the eye is more exposed to discomfort, redness, conjunctivitis toxic or intolerance to contact lenses. Products used for eye makeup remover can be more dangerous, says Dr. Howard, because the solvents alter the tear. Furthermore, makeup remover for years develops more laxity in the eyelid, the skin becomes more wrinkled, and may pull the eyelid outward or inward or even appear bags.

Hazardous Ingredients

Between the components and dyes used in the mascara and eye liner are solvents such as isododecane, film formers, preservatives and waxes of animal, vegetable and mineral pigments and polymers as binders.
The makeup artists say that the makeup water resistance also contain solvents like oil painting, and it looks very similar.For its part, the mascara contains fibers of nylon that adhere to them and that can cause foreign body sensation or discomfort as the day progresses, especially when it contains compounds pearly. Components such as hexamidine, used in mascaras, eyeliners creams and safe at concentrations below 0.1%, experts, as derived ingredients capsicum, glycyrrhetic acid (acids and salts), alcohol n -butyl or other alcohols.

Lipsticks with lead

On several occasions consumer associations have denounced the presence of lead in more than half of the lipsticks sold in the market. The accumulation in the body of substantial quantities of mercury can pose risks to health. The higher the lead content, the greater the risk of causing cancer. Apparently, the lipsticks that supposedly have a higher setting is because they have a high lead content. In Spain, as in the rest of Europe, is prohibited the presence of lead in cosmetic products and ingredients.

The cosmetic industry representatives have always said that in the interest of safety of its consumers, not add lead in their products, and potential traces of lead that may be present in the ingredients are strictly controlled by the manufacturers of cosmetic products. The finished product goes through strict controls and a safety assessment which ensures that it is absolutely safe to use, explain.

The presence of the metal is not related to the price, products that in their analysis showed traces of lead have more than were the most expensive compared to other cheap bars containing no lead. Nevertheless, in the International Journal of Toxicology suggests that there is a lack of knowledge in the applied doses and lack of information on the presence of hazardous components in products for cleaning, hygiene and makeup.