The healing properties of garlic make it an indispensable element for our health , although it is difficult to digest. In fact, many people like it, but for this inconvenience rather avoid. In this guide, however, there are some tips on how to make digestible garlic.

First, it should be pointed out that garlic is part of bulbous plants, and is easier to digest raw rather than cooked . Garlic helps, in fact the stomach to produce gastric juices, and allows the absorption of nutrients in food, up to and beyond 15%.


Moreover, the advantage of consuming raw than cooked, is that in the latter case are lost instead most of the valuable therapeutic properties of this real king of spices . If so, we want to digest it better eaten raw, it is important to remove the soul which is the party responsible for digestive difficulties . To do this you have to cut in half the clove, peel it, and then pull the little green sprout that can be seen from the inside on both sides. Another remedy to make it more digestible, is to crush utilization only juice, ideal for dressing salads and meats. However, the old remedies are always the best, And in this case to make garlic more digestible, must immerse the cloves just peeked in a container in which we add the hot milk, leaving it to soak for at least 15 minutes, while if the milk cold is the time must be increased, then at least an hour.

The experienced cooks, to make garlic more digestible adopt a technique called “bleaching” which consists soak it in with cold water, and then gradually boil at least three times. These far listed are the direct techniques to make garlic more digestible, but still have to add that if for example we match it with other spices such as parsley, basil and mint, flavor and heaviness in the stomach will be respectively more pleasant and easier to digest. Finally, the best technique is to make the pickled garlic, so it is more digestible, it tastes much more delicate and also if seasoned simply with olive oil, chilli and oregano, even becomes a delicious aperitif , so ideal and also tasty, especially when paired with a salad or a good fish .